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YourCause Website Receives a Makeover

NewWebsiteAfter weeks of planning, creativity, and designing we have finally launched our new YourCause website! As we rolled into our fifth year providing CSRconnect Employee Engagement Platform, we thought simplicity, appealing to the user eye, and a clean website would be appropriate to demonstrate our brand and YourCause personality.

When you visit www.csrconnect.me you will be directed to our new site that provides you with our services and how they can help measure and impact your employee engagement programs, meet our growing team of innovators, view our industry insights, latest news, and much more. This website will allow the visitor to quickly access what they are looking for whether it be our solutions, scheduling a demo, or search for the charity contact in a few simple clicks.

This website is meant to serve two purposes. 1. Educate potential clients and partners on our services and 2. Be a repository for the latest insights coming from both YourCause clients and the industry. Here’s a breakdown of a few tools at your disposal:

YourCause blog: We’ve migrated our blog from WordPress over to the website to provide a seamless experience. This will be the go-to place for YourCause news, industry insights, announcements, and thought leadership discussions. Feel free to leave a comment and start a discussion, or use the tags to find the article that you’re looking for.
Industry Insights: We’ve created an entire page dedicated to providing you with the best insights and recommended readings. Visit this page to flip through our gallery of infographics, view the latest reports and studies, or browse our CSRinsights collection.
Connect with us on your favorite social media channel: You’ll find social sharing links all over the website, so let’s connect and continue the conversations!

The best part is – it’s just the beginning. The new CSRconnect.me will serve as the launch pad for numerous other efforts we have in the works around case studies and industry collaboration. So, now that you’ve heard all about our new site go ahead and visit www.csrconnect.me and see for yourself what our bragging is all about!

Note: Our blog posts will now be published only on http://www.csrconnect.me. Stay connected with us and read what’s on our mind on the new website.

-YourCause Team


YourCause Nominated as “Best Places to Work in North Texas”

bptw-briefcase-logo 300We are excited to announce we have been nominated as one of the Best Places to Work in North Texas by Dallas Business Journal! We couldn’t be more thrilled for this opportunity and will anxiously wait for the finalists to be announced.

North Texas companies that earn the Best Places to Work designation — by achieving best practice scores — will be featured in a special Dallas Business Journal publication on Sept. 27, and celebrated at a luncheon on Sept. 26. Best Places to Work honorees will be announced in the Dallas Business Journal and online in early July.

Stay tuned – we will announce any updates. Also, if you are a company whos headquarters are in the Dallas/FortWoth metroplex and would like to submit a nomination, click here.

Happy Wednesday,
YourCause Team

YourCause Partners Recognized as Best Corporate Citizens

crEvery year we look forward to CR Magazine’s annual best corporate citizens listing and proud to see that our corporate partners are recognized! We would like to congratulate our clients and all the companies doing amazing work in the community.

To see the full “100 Best Corporate Citizens 2013” listing, click here!

YourCause Big 5

On Monday, February 25th we celebrated our fifth birthday providing CSRconnect to our clients and users. It was a great day that consisted of surprises for us (the employees) and Matt Combs (the man who created it all). Matt surprised us with five events that occurred throughout the day; first being breakfast tacos! Next, we ate a delicious YourCause cake and surprised Matt with a video we made for him. Sadly, event three didn’t take place due to Texas weather (but we guessed it was putt putt). Event four we drove a few minutes back to the past and ate dinner at the infamous Carmines that we all have grown to love. Lastly, headed back to our old office where YourCause began and reminisced on memories. Don’t worry, we managed to get our work done but definitely took in all the moments of these past successful five years.

With that said, we’d like to toast to the past five and cheers to the next!


#TAKE3 with Joe Waters [Corporate Fundraising]

Joe Waters, author of SelfishGiving.com and Cause Marketing for Dummies, shares best practices for corporate fundraising and establishing effective nonprofit partnerships.

1) What key trends have you observed over the last year in causes, tools and strategies for corporate fundraising? What can we expect in the future?

Mobile, mobile, mobile. Mobile is the future of nonprofit marketing and fundraising. Our smartphones and tablets are becoming the remote control of our lives and causes will be closely linked with what people call The Third Screen (the television and PC were the first and second screens, respectively). For cause marketers like me, mobile means fewer in-store promotions and more promotions where people are and where they care. Both nonprofit and business brands will be focused on connecting deeply with consumers and mobile will be the conduit.

Further Reading: 4 Ways Nonprofits Can Get Started with Mobile (and 4 Ways They Shouldn’t)

2) What cause marketing campaigns do you find most effective, year-round or campaign-based?

Both can be effective. What’s important is that nonprofits work closely with their partner to choose a promotion and time frame that works for BOTH partners. Rome wasn’t built in a day. These year-long campaigns we admire and raise hundreds of thousands of dollars locally and millions of dollars nationally took years to develop. The important thing is to get started, but most nonprofits and businesses never do.

Further Reading: Getting Started with Cause Marketing

3) What best practices can you share for selecting a nonprofit for corporate fundraising programs?

A lot of companies gravitate to what I call “Garanimal” cause marketing. They look for a nonprofit that’s a “good match” for their business (e.g. A restaurant works with a food pantry, a real estate firm works with a housing charity, etc.). It’s not a bad first thought, but there are more important things to consider. One of them is the value the nonprofit brings to the businesses. Does the nonprofit communicate effectively with its supporters? Do they have a donor base that will support and reward a corporate partner? The essence of cause marketing is win-win. Believe it or not, it’s the company that usually short-changes itself.

Further Reading: How to Choose a Cause for Cause Marketing

#TAKE3 is a blog series dedicated to quick, yet insightful, takeaways for the corporate responsibility realm. Each feature includes an interview with an industry leader that addresses three questions on best practices and trends influencing the triple bottom line.

Missed the last #TAKE3? Click here to read past entries.

The Conference Board Webinar: Inspiring Employees, Inspiring the World

On October 31st at 1:00 pm EST, The Conference Board will be hosting a webinar that features Dell’s Director of Giving, Deborah Bauer, and YourCause’s very own Founder and CEO, Matthew Combs, to discuss how social media is empowering Dell’s global corporate social responsibility programs.

To learn more and register, visit here!

“This webcast should be of interest to corporate leaders, practitioners and thought-leaders focused on business and social impact, corporate contributions, corporate foundations, community relations, community involvement programs, corporate citizenship, employee engagement, volunteer efforts, sustainability, corporate social responsibility, stakeholder and non-profit partnerships, public affairs, and corporate communications.”

#TAKE3 with Jennifer Brown Consulting [Employee Engagement]

I’d like to introduce our very first #TAKE3 feature that will be an ongoing series dedicated to quick, yet insightful, takeaways for the corporate responsibility realm. Each feature will include an interview with an industry leader that addresses three questions on best practices and trends influencing the triple bottom line.

To kick things off, I had the pleasure to interview Jennifer Brown, Founder and CEO of Jennifer Brown Consulting, whose an industry leader in diversity and inclusion. Below are three quick takeaways on how to improve employee engagement through ERGs (Employee Resource Groups) and attract talent through community involvement.

Amy Chait

1) What are key tactics that improve employee engagement?

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are a key tactic that can improve employee engagement, productivity and loyalty. They also enable recognition, job skills and visibility amongst different business functions within an organization. One of the main problems is that companies are not utilizing technology to improve engagement in ERGs. Through client studies, Jennifer Brown Consulting has found technology can take ERGs participation to the next level.

For example— Alcoa’s LGBT ERG, Employees at Alcoa for Gay and Lesbian Equality (EAGLE), needed to develop a program to engage allies for EAGLE to move forward with its goals. To do so, they have an EAGLE portal for allies to pledge their commitment and designated a “Yammer Bomb” day whereby allies were encouraged to post on the company-wide Yammer page stating why they are an ally. EAGLE had a substantial increase in membership due to social media efforts and currently has over 60% of executive council members as EAGLE allies.

Click here to read more case studies like Alcoa’s in JBC’s White Paper.

2) According to a Forbes Insight report, 72% of companies say volunteerism and philanthropy are critical for recruiting younger qualified employees. What insight can you provide to make this recruitment strategy unique and return successful results?

First, if a company has emphasis on growing talent, they need to reach into schools and specifically attract a diverse workforce. Many companies are typically already invested in community involvement. Therefore, volunteerism in schools can act as an identification mechanism that enables recruitment in philanthropic brand, company and employees while doing good.

Secondly, to attract and recruit young professionals today, companies need to figure out how to align corporate philanthropy with individual passions. Young professionals desire to integrate who they are in the workplace and companies are not equipped to do it. Companies should try offering a recruitment value proposition— such as promoting paid time off to engage in ERGs and community involvement activities based on interest.

3) How do ERGs and CSR initiatives complement each other?

Each kind of ERG is identity and interest based, and typically should be tied to particular nonprofits. For example, Asian ERGs could have relationships with Asian Trade nonprofits. The correlation between ERGs and CSR initiatives empowers companies to identify and build talent, while fostering an inclusive relationship with the community. In addition, they mutually benefit recruitment, professional development and ultimately mainstream diversity. Companies need diverse individuals to drive community strategy for brand visibility and impact in different markets.

For more tips on ERG engagement, check out JBC’s Four Steps to Unlocking ERG Potential.