YourCause Website Receives a Makeover

NewWebsiteAfter weeks of planning, creativity, and designing we have finally launched our new YourCause website! As we rolled into our fifth year providing CSRconnect Employee Engagement Platform, we thought simplicity, appealing to the user eye, and a clean website would be appropriate to demonstrate our brand and YourCause personality.

When you visit you will be directed to our new site that provides you with our services and how they can help measure and impact your employee engagement programs, meet our growing team of innovators, view our industry insights, latest news, and much more. This website will allow the visitor to quickly access what they are looking for whether it be our solutions, scheduling a demo, or search for the charity contact in a few simple clicks.

This website is meant to serve two purposes. 1. Educate potential clients and partners on our services and 2. Be a repository for the latest insights coming from both YourCause clients and the industry. Here’s a breakdown of a few tools at your disposal:

YourCause blog: We’ve migrated our blog from WordPress over to the website to provide a seamless experience. This will be the go-to place for YourCause news, industry insights, announcements, and thought leadership discussions. Feel free to leave a comment and start a discussion, or use the tags to find the article that you’re looking for.
Industry Insights: We’ve created an entire page dedicated to providing you with the best insights and recommended readings. Visit this page to flip through our gallery of infographics, view the latest reports and studies, or browse our CSRinsights collection.
Connect with us on your favorite social media channel: You’ll find social sharing links all over the website, so let’s connect and continue the conversations!

The best part is – it’s just the beginning. The new will serve as the launch pad for numerous other efforts we have in the works around case studies and industry collaboration. So, now that you’ve heard all about our new site go ahead and visit and see for yourself what our bragging is all about!

Note: Our blog posts will now be published only on Stay connected with us and read what’s on our mind on the new website.

-YourCause Team


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