YourCause Big 5

On Monday, February 25th we celebrated our fifth birthday providing CSRconnect to our clients and users. It was a great day that consisted of surprises for us (the employees) and Matt Combs (the man who created it all). Matt surprised us with five events that occurred throughout the day; first being breakfast tacos! Next, we ate a delicious YourCause cake and surprised Matt with a video we made for him. Sadly, event three didn’t take place due to Texas weather (but we guessed it was putt putt). Event four we drove a few minutes back to the past and ate dinner at the infamous Carmines that we all have grown to love. Lastly, headed back to our old office where YourCause began and reminisced on memories. Don’t worry, we managed to get our work done but definitely took in all the moments of these past successful five years.

With that said, we’d like to toast to the past five and cheers to the next!


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