YourCause Celebrates Five Year Anniversary

YourCause celebrates fifth anniversary of developing and providing CSRconnect employee SaaS engagement platform to multinational corporations.

YourCause, the creator of CSRconnect employee engagement platform, celebrates its fifth anniversary this week. For the past five years, YourCause has provided a private label application that builds internal online communities to support employee engagement and enhance overall global good through giving, volunteering, disaster response, and other related features. Inspired in 2008 by a personal cause, YourCause now supports more than 2.5 million corporate employees, transacts more than $75 million in donations, and tracks greater than 4 million hours of volunteer service.

YourCause continues to execute upon their four core values, which helps create close client partnerships, ensure ongoing flexibility within the operation and application, deploy first class customer service, and employ fun along the way. The company remains ahead of the industry curve by maintaining such values and continues to expand their network through diverse partnerships, ongoing functionality development, and quality employees.

In the past five years, YourCause accomplished the following:

• Supports 2.5 million employees and accessible in 84 countries
• 50% of clients recognized as “Best Corporate Citizens”
• $76.6 million dollars donated
• 4 million hours volunteered
• More than 100% increase in employee headcount year-over year
• More than 100% increase in revenues year-over year

“If anyone were to ask me in 2008 where I saw YourCause in five years, I would have never dreamed of this,” said Matthew Combs, CEO and Founder of YourCause. “I can’t predict what the next five years will look like, but if they are half as successful as these last five years, we are set to see a lot of creativity, an abundance of innovation, and a lot of new developments for our space.”


One thought on “YourCause Celebrates Five Year Anniversary

  1. Pat Kishi

    Kudos to Matt and his team for helping companies to make a difference all over the world! What a way to make this a better world! Christina loves her job, her clients, and the people with whom she works! Thanks Matt for having a vision and commitment to your vision!


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