Dallas Buisness Journal: Taking on Your Cause

Last month Dallas Business Journal stopped by our office to get a feel of who we were, what we stand for, and get a glimpse of a day in the YourCause office. Now, a few weeks later we received the weekly article that was published about how YourCause was created, what our platform currently offers, and admit to our biggest challenges. BizJournal

The article couldn’t of been released at a better time, our fifth anniversary is in a few days on Monday February 25th and what better way to celebrate then to be recognized by a top Dallas/Fort Worth magazine.

Below is a snippet of what you can expect in the article. To continue reading, visit www.bizjournals.com to purchase your copy!

After hearing the story of 12-year-old Patrick, a child-soldier kidnapped and forced into rebel group Lord’s Resistance Army in Uganda, Matthew Combs wanted to step up and make a difference in the world.

At the time, Combs had a 2-year-old daughter and another on the way.

“(Patrick’s story) really moved me to the point where I called everyone I knew,” Combs said. “I wanted to provide tools for people who want to make a difference. How do we empower people to the causes that matter most to them?”

Combs started YourCause in 2008 to use the Internet to motivate himself and others to make a change…

YourCause Team


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