#CMweekly: Jeep Operation SAFE Return

CMweeklys_JeepCompany: Jeep
Cause: U.S. Troops
Partner: USO
Website: www.jeep.com/operationsafereturn

Program of Action
With the Super Bowl XLVII commercials still fresh in our mind, we thought we would recap and highlight a company who not only sold its product but mentioned its supported cause along in the commercial. Jeep aired its “Whole Again” ad during the big game that recognizes the company’s program, Operation SAFE Return (OSR), which is a four point effort to aid our U.S. troops. OSR is a fund created by Jeep and its nonprofit partner, USO, that provides hands-on, financial, and in-kind aid to returning troops.

Jeep invites the public to share a story, a photo, or a message on Twitter of how you’ve supported the troops in your school, neighborhood or place of worship. For every shared message with the unique hashtag #joinOSR, Jeep will donate $1 to the Operation SAFE Return fund.

Best Practices
We give Jeep a two thumbs up on Operation SAFE Return and its authentic awareness through this year’s Super Bowl game with these vital practices.

Public Awareness. Typically, companies use a different approach to their Super Bowl commercials but Jeep made a smart decision to bring out consumer’s emotions with premiering a cause that is close to Americas heart. Companies need to keep in mind, media can play a huge effect in cause marketing – you have a brand, blast it. Jeep used a perfect time and event to promote both its brand, partnership, and campaign.

Align with a CSR program. Jeep coordinated a day of service dedicated to supporting the USO mission. Jeep brand employees will participate and join the organization in a tribute for the troops on February 6th. Consumers will appreciate the hands-on approach Jeep is instilling in its employees and business culture.

Beneficial Partnership. We can’t iterate how important a loyal nonprofit partnership is when creating a cause campaign. Jeep established a relationship with an nonprofit that will be continuously ongoing, which will result in a huge impact for both the company and organization.

Integrated Platform. The company builds its own platform, along with USO, to provide consumers a designated site to obtain information, learn about the cause, and donate to the organization and campaign. The glory of a cause marketing website puts all of the elements stated above in one place and (in this case) integrates the main pillar to donate, Twitter.

Program Outcome
It is unknown how much Jeep has donated to USO through its Operation SAFE Return fund but we are sure the company received more stories, messages, and photos after the commercial was aired. Jeep employees will be participating in its Jeep Day of Service on February 6th lending a hand to local USO Centers. There is no ending date to the campaign, therefore, we encourage everyone to visit www.jeep.com/operationsafereturn to learn more about the cause effort.

Your CM Aficionado,

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