Dell’s Volunteerism Recognized by PRNews

DellDell’s volunteer community and employee engagement was recognized last week by PRNews, a resource that provides news for pr, marketing, csr and communication executives, weekly newsletter. The article “With CSR in the Mainstream, Companies Look to Leverage Employee Volunteers” mention Dell’s successful volunteering program (formerly Make a Difference).

Below is a sneak peek of Deb Bauer’s quotes and insights on Dell’s volunteerism highlighted in the article.

“Just what drives that participation at Dell? It starts with a social-based online community that lets employees create profiles, find and track volunteer opportunities and make contributions. The data gleaned from this site allows for robust measurement as well, Bauer says. Volunteerism is promoted throughout Dell via the corporate intranet and at team building events that are aligned with CSR activities. In addition, managers build teams of “champions,” which get employees involved. Then there’s appreciation of volunteer work. If an employee volunteers for 10 or more hours in a quarter, they receive a $150 cause card to redeem in the Dell Make a Difference online community. With such success, it’s hard to believe there are challenges. Bauer cites two:

• Getting stories told in a way people hear it. There is a lot of news going around Dell, and it’s tough to break through the clutter, Bauer says. So in 2012 the company varied its CSR communications outreach platforms.

• Hitting employees too hard with volunteer messages. Managers can sometimes push too hard, which employees term “voluntold,” Bauer says. “We try to find the right balance.”

It is always great to see and hear the achievement Dell has made throughout the years. Keep up the great work team!

Happy Wednesday,

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