#CMweekly: U.S.P.S. Letters to Santa


Company: U.S. Postal Service
Cause: Community
Partner: N/A
Website: www.usps.com/letterstosanta

Program of Action
This year marks the 100th year for the United States Postal Service Letters to Santa program, helping make children’s holiday wishes come true. Letters to Santa receives over 500,000 letters addressed to Santa Claus each year from children. The popular holiday program responds to the letters by providing a written response to their holiday wishes signed by Santa. USPS employees, members, charitable organizations, and corporations can all join in and participate in fulfilling the dreams of children nationwide.

Letters to Santa officially started in 1912 authorizing local postal employees and citizens to respond to the ever growing number of letters received during the holiday season. The New York City office is named “Operation Santa,” the largest postal office receiving letters addressed to Santa in the country.

Best Practices
U.S. Postal Service grabbed our attention! We list three characteristics that make Letters to Santa successful:

1. Employee Buy-In: Network for Good mentions this is key to jumping a cause marketing campaign. Employees are your core brand ambassadors – their participation will go a long way to getting your campaign off the ground. Letters to Santa began with the involvement from only U.S. Postal Service employees, sorting, filing, and responding to letters. As the program expanded, the company brought in volunteers and citizens to join. This approach not only improves the experience for everyone but brings a sense of connection to all helping.

2. Brand Extension: Be sure the cause is relevant to your brand and links back to the company’s essence. A U.S. Postal Service responding to letters addressed to Santa is brilliant and demonstrates a creative and authentic way their service can be utilized for a good deed. If the cause works in your favor, consumers will believe the commitment the company has to the mission of the cause program/campaign.

3. Cause Loyalty: Companies must remain loyal to the program and cause(s) they support. U.S. Postal Service has committed 100 years to the program and continually carries on strong with Letters to Santa. The loyalty a company has to a supported cause, partner, or campaign will provide them with media buzz, consumer’s trust, and make the program that much more impactful.

Program Outcome
U.S. Postal Service mentions Letters to Santa easily receives millions of letters every year to multiple local offices across the nation. We encourage parents to have their children write to Santa, volunteers to join the effort to respond to letters, and everyone to share U.S. Postal Service efforts in making every child’s holiday wish come true. To read more about the 100th anniversary or if you would like to participate, visit www.usps.com/letterstosanta.

Happy Holidays!

Your CM Aficionado,


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