Hilton Worldwide Triumphantly Completes Global Week of Service

Our friends over at Hilton Worldwide successfully completed more than 800 volunteer events during their Global Week of Service. During the week of November 21-28, employees from 600 properties and offices volunteered for projects that addressed societal needs around the world and impacted Hilton Worldwide’s commitment to Travel With Purpose.

Volunteer projects occurred throughout 51 counties including events in Dallas, Chicago, New York, Singapore, Dubai, and many more. Along with Hilton Worldwide team members, 660 local community organizations joined in on the fun and shared their passion through service. Global Week of Service is just one example of how Hilton Worldwide leverages its hospitality expertise and engages team members to serve in its global operating communities.

The video below highlights the impact and difference the company and its employees are making in your community. To learn more about Hilton Worldwide’s Global Week of Service, Travel With Purpose, or awesome hospitality, visit www.hiltonworldwide.com/serve.

Happy Thursday!
-YourCause Team


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