#CMweekly: Capital One Every Second Counts

Company: Capital One
Cause: Military Awareness
Partner: Cell Phone for Soldiers
Website: www.everysecondcounts.com

Program of Action
Capital One and Cell Phone for Soldiers launched a new mobile application cause campaign called Every Second Counts, dedicated to connecting U.S. Military members with loved ones all over the world. For every individual who downloads the Capital One mobile app and signs in for the first time 60 seconds will be donated. In addition, every time an individual views their transactions, pays a credit card bill, transfers money between accounts, etc. 10 seconds will be donated to Cell Phone for Soldiers.

Cell Phone for Soldiers is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing cost-free communication services to active duty military members and veterans. More than 168 million minutes of free talk time have assisted troops, since 2004. Together, Capital One aims to make military members and their loved ones holiday wish come true this season by connecting them with one another.

Best Practices
Reach Consumers Where They Are. With statistics mentioning there are 50% of smartphone users nationwide, this is a smart tactic knowing consumers log in to their bank account on (perhaps) a weekly basis and why not make it easier by downloading the app. In turn, consumers will be more receptive to continue logging on and supporting the campaign. This will increase activity for the company business and engagement for the nonprofit.

Complete Two Actions With One Step. Every Second Counts provides simple and quick actions to help donate minutes while accomplishing one activity. Consumers can understand the campaign, execute at any time, and continue on with their day knowing they contributed to a military member and their family. Not to mention, completed what they logged on to do as well.

Go Beyond Text Donations. Though, text donations are a great approach; downloading a mobile application will more than likely be used more than once, can be effective and attract participation. While individuals are out and about, they can donate real time at any time rather than donating funds once.

On the other hand, we’d like to see the number of minutes Capital One has reached so far. Keeping consumers involved with results motivate supporters and new ones to continue using the application during the campaign and after. Also, perhaps creating more buzz around the campaign will encourage others to participate. With the campaign being mobilized, is it easy to share through media platforms.

Program Outcome
This is the first year, Capital One and Cell Phone for Soldiers have partnered together for Every Second Counts. Together, they aim to donate six million minutes to provide troops the ability to speak with their loved ones more often. We are positive Capital One will successfully reach its goal. For any Capital One users we encourage you to download the Capital One mobile app (if you haven’t done so already) and begin viewing transactions, set up bill payments, or transfer money between accounts now and help connect troops with their families.

Your CM Aficionado,


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