#CMweekly: Tide Loads of Hope

Company: Tide
Cause: Disaster Relief
Partner: American Red Cross
Website: www.tide.com/loadsofhope

Program of Action
In the aftermath of Super Storm Sandy, many corporations immediately offered support to storm victims by lending its assets to nonprofit organizations. Tide in partnership with American Red Cross continued its campaign, Tide Loads of Hope, that provides washer and dryers to victims in need of clean clothes. Tide Loads of Hope offers relief by sending mobile laundromats to the location of the disaster and provides families with washed, dried, and folded clothes prepared by employees for free.

For the last four years, the program has helped during disasters in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, San Diego, Galveston, Fargo, Waterloo and now New Jersey. In addition to providing clean laundry to disaster victims, individuals who would like to contribute can purchase a Tide tee with $4 from each sale directed towards helping families affected.

Best Practices
Tide Loads of Hope created an authentic program that links back to their brand essence. With the company being a product and clothes cleaner, the program is a creative brand extension of providing basic human needs (washed and dried clothes) to victims. In addition, the brand and cause connection demonstrates the company’s long-term investment in supporting the cause.

Secondly, the program is employee based. Engaging employees into cause campaigns are no new trend but Tide established a program that only involves employees. Tide Loads of Hope success will be recognized because of the employees support, which in turn can increase employee retention, loyalty and their commitment to the company.

Lastly, Tide Loads of Hope is a hands on cause approach. Although multiple companies raise funds and awareness after a disaster strikes, the mobility and quick response Tide established within the program makes it out of the ordinary. No one can expect a disaster or how big the impact will be but it is nice to know a company program is ready and set to act immediately with in-kind support.

One aspect to the cause program that could be included is more financial support from consumers. If a disaster does occur, perhaps add consumer donations when a Tide product is purchased. A percentage of the sales can then go to the community affected. After all, 82% of consumers say they are more likely to purchase a product that clearly demonstrates the results of the company’s CSR initiatives (2012 Cone Corporate Social Return Trend Tracker).

Program Outcome
Tide Loads of Hope has cleaned over 34,000 loads of laundry for families affected by disasters and has helped seven cities. This number continues to rise as Super Storm Sandy recently struck the East Coast. Though it is horrible to have a weather disaster affect multiple cities and families – it is great to see a company ready to help during disasters whenever they may happen.

Your CM Aficionado,


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