#CMweekly: Virgin America Both Sides of the Aisle Win

Company: Virgin America
Cause: Youth and Politics
Partner: Rock the Vote
Website: N/A

Program of Action
As the presidential election rolls upon us in the next coming days, we highlight Virgin America’s political stance in its recent cause initiative. Virgin America in partnership with Rock the Vote encouraged passengers to register before the November 6th presidential election in its Both Sides of the Aisle Win campaign. Passengers on board were able to register to vote directly from Virgin America’s in-flight entertainment platform, “make a difference,” seen on their seat-back screens. Flyers easily went online, scan the QR code, and registered themselves on the voter rolls.

Virgin America and Rock the Vote teamed up to inspire voter registration among minorities and the younger population. Rock the Vote is an organization dedicated to youth political engagement and use popular culture and new technologies to motivate young people to participate in every election. This new cause initiative was a first in its history and aimed to make the youth generation voices heard.

Best Practices
A clear practice that makes the campaign one-of-a-kind is the amount of power technology can have to make a difference in the world. Virgin America utilizes technology in multiple tactics to encourage voter registration such as QR codes. According to research, QR code uptake has increased 4589% from early 2010 to early 2011. In addition, the airlines use technology via smartphones, social actions to share on media sites and watch educational videos all under one platform while cruising altitude.

Though, Virgin America does not particularly align with the political industry – the company did its research and chose a cause and partner they are dedicated to helping reach its mission. Whether the company’s brand matches the cause or not, choosing a cause that you passionately advocate for shows emotion, commitment and loyalty. This approach will attract already active supporters and new ones.

Virgin America launched the initiative at a time that is crucial, before the presidential election. Setting a short amount of time prior to the election to register was a perfect airway to get buzz going around the company, nonprofit and awareness. Also, the company chose a time guests have a few moments of downtime to take action. By placing the online platform in front of their seat while on their phones offers flyers no choice but to participate.

One aspect to the Both Sides of the Aisle Win that we’d like to see is the results. Virgin America lacks transparency and informing individuals how many registered voters accumulated at the end of the registration deadline by providing them the voting platform.

Program Outcome
As of today, we are unaware of the amount of success Virgin America had on registered voters. However with partnerships, Rock the Vote has registered five million young people to vote – part of that amount is from the help of Virgin America. We look forward to seeing other inventive cause initiatives the company has in store for the future. Don’t forget to vote!

Your CM Aficionado,


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