#CMweekly: Sonic Limeades for Learning

Company: Sonic
Cause: Education
Partner: DonorsChoose.org
Website: www.limeadesforlearning.com

Program of Action
For the third year in a row, Sonic launches its annual Limeades for Learning campaign in partnership with DonorsChoose.org. Limeades for Learning provides essential funds needed for learning materials and teaching techniques to U.S. public school teachers in local communities. Between September 24 – October 29, Sonic customers, fans, and students can vote for their favorite teacher project to get funded daily.

Sonic and DonorsChoose.org teamed up in 2009 to help provide teachers with funds they need to teach students to their full capabilities. DonorsChoose.org is a nonprofit dedicated to offering youth the opportunity to make a difference in their communities today. So far, the partnership has donated more than 2 million dollars to U.S. public school teachers and to more than 5,500 projects.

Best Practices
We became a fan of Sonic’s Limeades for Learning for one specific reason, its designated social platform around the campaign that includes numerous practices to drive activity.

• Launch an inclusive online platform that builds a sense of community with consumers around a cause
• Provide multiple ways to donate and projects to choose from that relate to different consumers
• Embed significant investment in social communication with the ability to share through frequent social media sites
• Create buzz worthy news with marketing and advertising from commercials, videos, images and personal stories
• Promote transparency of previous and present goals and marketing activities
• Remain active in local communities to make a large impact
• Create a short-term campaign to keep consumers interest and involvement

On the other hand, to make Limeades for Learning reach an even higher goal next year’s round perhaps the platform allows consumers to choose a project without creating an account. This can minimize steps and make giving back to a community just one click away. Secondly, think about selecting a time at the beginning of the school year to launch Limeades for Learning. While the back-to-school campaigns are hot, it can gain more attention and participation from consumers.

Program Outcome
As of today, 980 projects have been funded with the amount of $473,541 for the 2012-2013 school year. Since 2009, a total of $2,545,831 has been funded to more than 5,500 projects. With the campaign ending on October 29, we encourage you to hurry and choose a teacher project you would like Sonic to fund in your community. Sonic has surpassed its goal this year and we look forward to watching the success of the campaign continue in the near future.

Your CM Aficionado,


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