Recap: Network for Good TweetChat

This week Network for Good hosted their monthly TweetChat that was dedicated to October’s Breast Cancer Awareness month. They invited us, along with Cause Marketing Forum and Armchair Advocates, to highlight and share best practices of responsible companies doing noteworthy work in the cause marketing space.

From this chat, we gathered key insights to keep in mind:

• To have an effective cause-labeled campaign be transparent, be strategic, illustrate impact, and provide choices to donate.
• Make these campaigns tangible with clear impact. For example, show results from social actions or consumer purchases.
• Definitely use online platforms to promote transparency of your cause marketing activities. Focusing on the “cause” online can bring more brand loyalty to your product offline.
• Effective charity partnerships advance the mission of the cause while also generating brand loyalty. Start small and experiment to determine what resonates with customers and employees.
• Engaging employees, your front-line ambassadors, is a good way to differentiate your cause marketing campaign from others.

Thank you Network for Good and all attendees for making our first TweetChat a fun one – look forward to the next!



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