Empowering Global Employee Volunteers (Successfully)

Global programs are one the main challenges for multinational companies and our team progressively works with clients to make it a reality.  CECP recently released their Giving in Numbers: 2012 Edition and provided interesting insights where international volunteerism stands.

According to the report, 47% of companies have at least one formal international volunteer program and listed the three most successful international employee volunteer programs:

  1. Company-Wide Day of Service
  2. Employee-Volunteer Awards
  3. Paid-Release Time

We were fortunate to work with Liberty Mutual this year to launch their global two-day “Serve with Liberty” campaign to celebrate their 100th anniversary that turned out quite successful. Company-wide days, weeks, and months of service are definitely trending among our clients and other global leaders. They serve a great purpose in engaging employees in corporate culture, team-building with colleagues and giving back to their local communities.

There’s nothing better to see the impact in action, below is a video of Liberty Syndicates staff participating in the two days of service.

Serve with Liberty 2012 from Liberty Syndicates on Vimeo.

For more ideas or examples for global employee volunteer campaigns, below are additional videos showcasing employees in action:

Starbuck’s Global Month of Service
UPS’ Global Volunteer Month
Ford’s Week of Caring
Levi Strauss’ Community Day
Timberland’s Serv-a-Palooza
Eli Lilly’s Day of Service
Kraft Food’s Delicious Difference Week

– Amy Chait


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