#CMweekly: LensCrafters OneSight

Company: LensCrafters
Cause: Health
Partner: OneSight’s Family of Vision Charities                                                                              Website: http://www.lenscrafters.com/onesight

Program of Action
We came across LensCrafters cause efforts through its in-store cause marketing campaign, Cents for Sight, then recognized the multiple initiatives the company provides to individuals in need of vision care worldwide through OneSight. LensCrafters program OneSightoffers free eye care and eyewear to those who do not have access to eye clinics. With OneSight campaigns, consumers are able to donate their spare change to LensCrafters in a donation box placed at the register or contribute used eyewear to a local LensCraftersstore.

With over 284 million people suffering from vision worldwide, the company foundedOneSight, a family of vision charities, in 1988 and began opening eye clinics in different countries to provide healthy sight for individuals across the globe. Within the last 25 years, LensCraftersOneSight has been able to provide free vision care to 8 million patients.

Best Practices
LensCraftersOneSightcreates a global context. The program is dedicated to making an impact not only in local communities nationwide but in numerous countries. Committing efforts internationally opens up a wider opportunity for LensCrafters to spread awareness, gain partnerships, and achieve multiple goals within their CSR efforts. In addition, aligning its CSR mission and creating campaigns within OneSight allows the company to remain focus and support its number one cause initiative.

Initially, the program consisted of volunteer employees (lab technicians, office associates, doctors, etc.) to provide their expertise and skills to helping individuals in need of eye care. As the program progressed into an impactful movement, LensCrafters began involving consumers and the opportunity for them to contribute through Cents for Sight, eye wear donations, and donation purchases. Showcasing background information to consumers about the program and the involvement employees and the company as a whole has done to execute OneSight will in turn increase consumer satisfaction and loyalty. Involving participation from all can only increase the impact LensCrafters will make across the globe.

LensCrafters utilizes multiple tactics within their campaigns and still manages to maintain sustainable. Along with the program, the company encourages not only for consumers to donate their spare change but their eyeglasses that are no longer in use. LensCrafters doesn’t believe in wasting a good pair of glasses that can be used for a meaningful purpose. The company demonstrates the ability to focus on a key cause but also integrate ways to increase recycle products.

Program Outcome
Currently consumers can contribute in multiple ways through in-store and online campaigns such as Cents for Sights which has raised more than $5 million dollars. Though, it is unknown the impact of the other campaigns have made we are certain all continuously help LensCrafters provide free eye care and eye wear to those in need. To date, LensCrafters OneSight has helped more than 8 million people internationally and domestically combined. We are excited to keep up with the program and amount of impact LensCrafters will have worldwide.

Your CM Aficionado,


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