#CMweekly: Chipotle and Veggie U Support Education

Company: Chipotle
Cause: Environmental Education
Partners: Veggie U
Website: N/A

Program of Action
Chipotle is enlightening consumers and children about the importance of how food is grown and produced in their new campaign and partnership with Veggie U. For every kids meal purchased during August 24th – 31st, 100% of the proceeds, up to $250,000, supported Veggie U classroom gardens. Consumers are able to bring their original receipt back anytime in September and receive a free kids meal as an appreciation of their support to education.

Chipotle and Veggie U, a non profit focused on nutrition and sustainable-agriculture education, partnership was established in 2010 that began with sponsoring the npo’s Earth to Table program at a grade school in Ohio. The partnership expanded from one school to a nationwide initiative to engage students and families to learn about sustainable agriculture and healthy eating.

Best Practices
Chipotle has five main tactics that make the campaign unique and help their business and consumers work towards a common goal:

Provide incentives. Chipotle offers the buy one get one deal to consumers purchasing a kids’ meal. Consumers always enjoy receiving free things and understanding their contribution will provide them with a free meal in turn encourage them to purchase and support the cause.

Be transparent. Transparency is the key element to promoting how 100% of the contributions are being utilized. By keeping consumers in the know of how much and where their contributions are being directed to, they are motivated to take action.

Align with your Brand. The strategic campaign aligns perfectly with Chipotle’s company mission to improve food supply and sustainable farming. Consumers will appreciate the commitments Chipotle is making to impact and build awareness around healthy eating and maintaining a clean environment.

Create Key Partnerships. Chipotle coordinated a relationship with a trusted organization, Veggie U that supports environmental and sustainable food growth. Not only will this relationship help impact the company’s business and CSR focus but the organization and its needs.

Educate Consumers. In addition to raising awareness about sustainable agriculture, Chipotle educates consumers and students about the importance of healthy eating and where food is grown and produced. Chipotle creates a way to share, teach and learn about a topic that may not be emphasized on a daily basis.

With the campaign highlighting a big and important cause, we would like to see an extended timeframe to purchase the kids’ meal. Perhaps Chipotle can extend the campaign for another week, which can increase consumers’ involvement and the awareness about the campaign.

Program Outcome
It is unknown whether Chipotle raised their goal amount, $250,000, during the week of August 24th – 31st. However, the partnership between Chipotle and Veggie U’s Earth to Table Program has reached 800 fourth-grade classrooms and more than 24,000 students and their families nationwide. If you purchased a kids meal during the designated timeframe, make sure to hurry and receive your free kids’ meal. We look forward to the next Chipotle campaign and encourage you to learn more about their food with integrity.

Your CM Aficionado,


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