#CMweekly: AT&T It Can Wait

Company: AT&T
Cause: Youth
Partners: National Organization of Youth Safety (NOYS)
Website: http://www.itcantwait.org

Program of Action
AT&T, its employees, consumers, and other supporters are calling on all drivers to take the no-texting-and-driving pledge for their It Can Wait campaign. On September 19, AT&T is encouraging Americans to make a promise and never text and drive again on the nation’s first “No Text On Board Pledge Day.” Supporters can share their pledge with others via Twitter (#itcanwait) and Facebook.

It Can Wait campaign aims to raise public awareness directly towards the dangerous practice of texting while driving through a simple and powerful message: “No text is worth dying for.” In addition, AT&T is making it their lifelong commitment to plan and spend millions of dollars on the campaign in 2012 and future years to come.

Best Practices
AT&T is taking matters into their own hands to utilize technology and mobile expertise to help make an impact in our communities. Along with the public awareness campaign, the company is promoting their AT&T DriveMode App that allows users to temporarily disable texts, calls, and emails while driving. AT&T is also challenging all other device makers and app developers to offer devices that come preloaded with a no-text-and-drive technology solution. Taking the initiative further with the use of their own product adds additional value to the company’s campaign mission.

It Can Wait gathers all variety of supporters to join and make the pledge. AT&T engages more than 1,000 of their suppliers and encourages not only consumers but employees to make the no text and drive promise. According to 2011 Corporate Social Impact Survey, the metric most commonly used for determining the success of a campaign is the significant number of employees, associates, and regional teams participating in the program. In addition, AT&T is teaming up with those who will help make an impact including organizations, law enforcement, educators, and the entire wireless industry to take part in the movement.

Lastly, the company is launching an aggressive issue awareness campaign through an engaging website, http://www.itcanwait.org, social media, TV ads, tool-kits and celebrity PSA videos. The use of multimedia, videos, stories, and more help rally a call to action and create a movement to effect change and collectively solve a problem through involvement.

Program Outcome
September 19 is the designated day for the Nation’s first “No Text on Board Pledge Day.” The current amount of pledge takers has not been released but we encourage all to take part in the movement. Supporters have 21 days to make their promise at http://www.itcanwait.org. To read stories, receive information, and learn more about the campaign, visit AT&T’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

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