#CMweekly: Office Depot We Supply Kindness

Company: Office Depot
Cause: Youth Empowerment
Partner: Born This Way Foundation
Website: http://www.officedepot.com/wesupplykindness

Program of Action
Office Depot may be raising tension in the media with its new campaign, We Supply Kindness, but nonetheless continue to raise awareness and encourage students to be brave and kind this new school year. Office Depot is donating 25% of sale price for every purchase of the limited edition products (sharpies, post-its, gift cards, and bracelets) that feature six unique expressions to Born This Way Foundation. The campaign is an effort to build a safer, more supportive experience for back-to-school 2012.

Office Depot strongly supports Born This Way Foundation and their efforts to encourage students to be themselves and get involved this school year. The Foundation is led by Lady Gaga that aims to foster a more accepting society. With the new partnership, both organizations desire to build a kinder and braver world for young people. On top of consumer donations, Office Depot will be donating an additional $1 million to Born This Way Foundation.

Best Practices
Firstly, though the brand match between the company and nonprofit organization may not align perfectly, the bold stand Office Depot takes on this controversial cause deserves a highlight. Office Depot leads the campaign with its emotion and follows their support on Born This Way Foundation’s mission. A campaign with emotional cues and heartfelt messages can sway support, especially on a cause that has very dedicated advocates. In turn, a campaign led with an emotional message can resonate with the desired audience and translate to increased company sales.

Secondly, Office Depot drives an impactful approach to gain the attention and patronage of the youth market. From their youth empowerment message in-store to online active engagement, the company caters to what the youth uses and favors the most these days, social media, to create a buzz-worthy campaign. Through Twitter and Facebook students can engage and connect with advocates of the cause and campaign from across the nation by sharing stories, messages, and support. In addition, one small approach but big attention getter is the title of the campaign, We Supply Kindness. The title of a campaign can raise attention from everyone and anyone. We Supply Kindness is a creative and simple phrase that sums up the entire campaign in three words.

Program Outcome
Along with 25% of donation proceeds from purchased limited products, Office Depot will also be donating $1 million to Born This Way Foundation. Office Depot does not state when the limited edition products end but we do encourage you to visit your local store and help support a braver and safer community for the new school year. In addition, be sure to engage and actively connect with others through Facebook or Twitter throughout the remainder of We Supply Kindness.

Your CM Aficionado,

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