#CMweekly: Method Ocean Plastic Collect + Clean Up

Company: Method
Cause: Environment
Partners: Sustainable Coastlines and Kokua Hawai’i Foundation
Website: N/A

Program of Action
Method, a cleaning supply company, is going above and beyond with their new initiative by incorporating debris from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch into packaging for their new product bottles. The current initiative, Ocean Plastic Collect + Clean Up, occurred during National Oceans Month this past June. During the month, employees, consumers, and participating nonprofit volunteers helped collect and clean up garbage swept up in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch from multiple beaches along the coasts of Hawaii.

Instead of the garbage building up in landfills, Method uses the garbage collected from beaches to produce a high-quality plastic. The plastic will be incorporated in with the company’s packaging and newest product, Sea Minerals, supplementing almost 100% post-consumer recycled plastic used in its products already.

Best Practices
As fans of cause marketing, we were specifically drawn to this particular initiative due to Methods efforts in solving the issue of ocean pollution. Method could be igniting the Great Pacific Garbage Patch clean up trend. It will take a collaborative effort and a long-span among nonprofits, consumers, businesses, and government to fully address and fix the plastic island. However, Method is already drawing attention to the massive issue, not only through civilians living along beach coasts, but through nationwide buzz amongst the media.

More companies are beginning to support sustainable efforts and, in turn, becoming internally sustainable themselves. Method is an excellent example of a company following through with their cause initiatives by producing eco-friendly products. According to Nieslen 2011 Sustainability Global Online Survey, 83% of global online consumers say it’s important for companies to implement programs to improve the environment. Executing sustainable efforts from cause campaigns to products can increase sales and loyalty among consumers and nonprofits.

In addition, Method garners employee buy-in, consumer engagement, and nonprofit involvement in the process of turning ocean pollution to useable products. With all the above participating in helping and supporting beach clean ups, this will create long-lasting relationships that will continue the cause initiative to its full potential. Not to mention, give employees and volunteers a sense of satisfaction that they are helping produce an eco-friendly product and establishing a cleaner environment.

Program Outcome
During National Oceans Month, Method collected 3,000 pounds of plastic and has produced a new soap packaged in a dark grey bottle that is purely created from ocean plastic. The new soap is a 2-in-1 dish and hand cleaner that aims to promote a product’s packaging can be just as important as what is inside. Method is continuing their efforts and organizing a beach clean-up in Oahu Hawaii on November 19th and December 3rd. For those not in Hawaii, we highly encourage you to purchase Method cleaning products and help support the ocean pollution issue.

Your CM Aficionado,


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