#CMweekly: Walgreens School Supply Drive

Company: Walgreens
Cause: Education and Youth
Partners: Kids In Need Foundation
Website: http://www.walgreens.com/backtoschool

Program of Action
Beginning July 29, Walgreens is supporting the Kids in Need Foundation through a school supply drive in an effort to provide children with free supplies for the new 2012-2013 school year. Consumers can visit their nearby Walgreens and donate school supplies such as crayons, markers, paper, pencils, etc. inside a collection box located at the front of the store. One hundred percent of consumer donations will go to the Kids In Need Foundation for students and schools in need of supplies.

The Kids In Need Foundation strives to ensure every student and school is prepared to learn, teach, and succeed for the upcoming school year. This is the first year Walgreens and the Kids In Need Foundation team up to help students and schools receive school supplies. The organization’s resource centers located across the country will collect donated supplies from Walgreens stores and allow teachers from low-income schools “shop” free supplies for their students and their classrooms.

Best Practices
Walgreens school supply drive represents an age-old marketing mix of price, product, place, and promotion. Consumers focus on price and convenience when shopping, providing them the opportunity to give back while already shopping for similar objects can motivate consumers to participate. Additionally, consumers expect cause marketing campaigns to be in a place that captures their attention while shopping, which will result in their choice to donate to the cause.

Walgreens aligns well with supporting a cause through a school supply drive and addresses relevant social issues so the store can help make an impact. According to research, more than 14.8 million students in the United States live at or below the poverty line. By giving purpose to this school supply drive, Walgreens can make a difference in many communities nationwide, which will appeal to the hearts of consumers.

In addition, Walgreens doesn’t just want to grab the attention of consumers, but want to support a cause customers care about. Nielsen Global Social Responsibility 2012 Report mentions, “Companies better understand customers’ social consciousness in order to refine cause marketing efforts.” Walgreens looks beyond just adding value to their brand, but also focuses on being valuable to consumers and nonprofit partners through each one of their individual campaigns.

Program Outcome
This is the first year Walgreens and the Kids In Need Foundation partner together in an effort to raise school supplies for students in need. We look forward to following the campaign and watching the final outcome to the school supply drive. Consumers can begin donating school supplies on July 29th till August 18th. We encourage you to visit a local Walgreens store and purchase a few supplies to donate and help a child succeed in school this upcoming year.

Your CM Aficionado,


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