#CMweekly: Neutrogena Wave for Change

Company: Neutrogena
Cause: Youth and Community
Partners: GlobalGiving
Website: http://www.neutrogena.com/waveforchange

Program of Action
Neutrogena and GlobalGiving are teaming up to launch Neutrogena’s annual Wave for Change program, encouraging teens to help improve school programs for children in low income communities. Between July 1st and August 31st, teens can donate by watching the Wave for Change video posted on Neutrogena’s website and Facebookpage or purchasing participating products. For every video viewed and product purchased, $1 will be donated to the following organizations: Para Los Niño’s, Knowledge is Power Program, and Education Through Music.

This is Neutrogena’s third year to launch Wave for Change and aim to reach a goal of $250,000 by August 31st with their partner GlobalGiving. GlobalGiving is a fundraising charity that benefits educational organizations and connects donors to causes they care about.

Best Practices
Neutrogena goes beyond just partnering with one organization by teaming up with three nonprofit organizations, a philanthropy network, and celebrities to spread the word about Wave for Change. With multiple young celebrities as spokeswomen for Neutrogena (Hayden Panettiere, Emma Roberts, etc.) it is a smart approach to reach fans of celebrities supporting the campaign, which also match the campaigns targeted audience, teens. Partnering with a variety of organizations and people, Neutrogena extends awareness and captures the attention of a wider range of supporters.

Furthermore, Neutrogena’s Wave for Change exemplifies a digital action campaign that Network For Good defines in their Digital Strategy For Good Report. Action campaigns allow consumers to watch a video, “like” a Facebook page, repost status updates, etc. that most of teens do on a daily basis. According to research, 98% of young adults are using social media. Neutrogena reaches their audience of teens in a place where they can’t be missed.

To add to the digital action approach, online incentives are provided that make the campaign simple and quick to act upon such as watching a video or selecting and purchasing Neutrogena products online. In addition, the designated Wave for Changewebsite provides stories, facts, past Wave for Change charities, a goal tracker, and more to keep supporters involved and informed about the campaign.

Program Outcome
As of today, Neutrogena has reached 40% of their goal of $250,000. Consumers and supporters have until August 31 to view the Wave for Change video or purchase participating products to help bring better educational programs to underprivileged communities. We encourage you to take three minutes and visit http://www.neutrogena.com/waveforchange to watch an inspiring video and do your part in making a big impact with a small action.

Your CM Aficionado,

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