#CMweekly: Budweiser Grow One. Save a Million.

Company: Budweiser
Cause: Environment
Partners: River Network
Website: http://www.facebook.com/budweiser

Program of Action
For the second year in a row, Budweiser launched its Grow One. Save a Million. water conservation campaign that led up to this past World Environment Day. The campaign asked men to make a pledge and not shave their beards in an effort to save one million gallons of water. Consumers 21 and older can visit Budweiser’s Facebook page, pledge and invite friends to do the same. Other options were also provided for men and women to conserve water including turning off the tap water while brushing teeth or shortening shower time. To show their commitment, consumers could upload photos of their stubble or full grown beards on Budweiser’s Grow One Photo Booth.

This was the second year Budweiser partnered with River Network, asking men to help make an impact for the environment based on their beard. Budweiser will again donate $150,000 to River Network, a watershed protection movement, to support watershed conservation projects.

Best Practices
Budweiser stays loyal to their customers, men, and creates a campaign that may interest them to participate. Budweiser’s Grow One. Save a Million. campaign gathers a specific consumer and initiates an action men are capable of achieving on a daily basis. Though Budweiser may be attracting men to participate in the campaign, they are wooing new customers that may not be a Budweiser drinker but a supporter of River Network, environmentalist, or women to broaden the amount of supporters.

Budweiser isn’t only conserving water for the particular campaign. Budweiser has committed to conserving water as a whole corporation. In fact, Budweiser breweries have reduced water use by 37% in the past four years. Consumers will see the dedication Budweiser has taken to commit to saving water and will continue to support their efforts. The Cone Cause Evolution Study mentions 91% of consumers believe a company should consider supporting an issue that is consistent with their business practices and the way they distribute their products.

As environmental support continues to rise, it is important companies and campaigns hop on board. According to a Nielson Report, 66% of consumers identified environmental sustainability as a cause companies should support. Budweiser is one of many companies responding to consumers and allowing them to take part in living environmentally responsible.

Program Outcome
42,000 gallons of water were saved from the week prior to World Environment Day in the first year Budweiser launched Grow One. Save a Million. As of today, Budweiser has saved 916,139 gallons of water based on the amount of pledges consumers have committed. Though World Environment Day has passed, consumers still have the ability to make an impact in conserving water and stop shaving a few days a week. We encourage men and women to participate and share the message in an effort to save one million gallons of water.

Your CM Aficionados,
Amy and Kassie


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