#CMweekly: Sears Love. Hate. Share Your Thoughts. Send Some Love.

Company: Sears
Cause: Multiple
Partners: Participating Nonprofit Organizations
Website: http://www.facebook.com/sears

Program of Action
This summer, Sears is launching a new campaign, Love. Hate. Share Your Thoughts. Send Some Love, to help raise funds for participating nonprofit organizations. Sears will be donating $145,000 distributed amongst four charities based on consumers’ choice. For every Sears product reviewed on Sears’ Facebook page, consumers can cast a vote for one of the four organizations listed. Every other week, Sears will tally the votes, contribute a donation amount and eliminate the charity with the least amount of votes that week from consumers. The last charity that does not get eliminated will win the grand prize of $100,000.

The four participating organizations competing for the grand prize include World Wildlife Fund, World Vision, American Cancer Society and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Sears customers can begin reviewing products and voting for their preferred charity on Facebook at http://on.fb.me/LoveHateCharity.

Best Practices
Other companies have previously launched the “consumers choose the charities” approach, but Sears lures customers to participate in a unique way that benefit the company, consumers and cause. Customers can share their opinions and submit a review about Sears products while also contributing funds to their preferred charity of choice. This allows customers to cross off two actions in one spot. Consumers like to be heard. According to research, 19% of US adults post ratings and reviews at least once a month online. Sears is providing consumers the opportunity to share their feedback on specific items. In turn, the approach encourages consumers to quickly vote and contribute to well worthy causes.

Sears puts a little twist on requesting consumer opinions by adding competition into the mix. Instead of Sears rewarding the charity with the most votes in a certain timeframe, the company is making it more into a challenge by eliminating the least popular charity. So although one charity can have the most votes one week, the charity could still be eliminated the following week. This is an example of how companies can make engagement into a fun, interactive and rewarding challenge by using competition to increase awareness and boost philanthropy. According to JWT Social Good Report, three in ten millennials agreed that nonprofits could get more people involved by adding a layer of competition.

As a minor suggestion for the campaign, perhaps Sears can explain the reason why they chose to support the specific four charities. Did consumers vote from a list? Or are the charities partners of the company? Providing additional information about the partnership and why it makes sense to choose the participating charities helps consumers make a long-term commitment to the causes and the company.

Program Outcome
Sears plans on contributing $145,000 among the four participating charities with the overall winner receiving $100,000. This is the first year Sears has launched the innovative campaign and the company hopes to see positive results in reviews and charity votes. Love. Hate. Share Your Thoughts. Send Some Love, ends June 28. We encourage consumers to post a review about a recent purchase from Sears and help make a charity receive an award. Visit http://on.fb.me/LoveHateCharityand vote for your preferred charity.

Your CM Aficionados,
Amy and Kassie

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