#CMweekly: Hilton Worldwide & Room to Read Annual Fundraiser

Company: Hilton Worldwide
Cause: Education
Partners: Room to Read
Website: http://www.roomtoread.org/maymatch

Program of Action
Hilton Worldwide is participating in Room to Read’s Annual Spring Fundraising campaign by supporting the Girl’s Education program and matching all donations, up to $150,000, through May 31st. Each donation amount has an assigned gift that will be donated to a young girl. For example, a $50 donation will provide a young girl with a bicycle to get to school or $100 will give her the opportunity to attend an academic support camp.

Hilton Worldwide began their partnership with Room to Read this past January in India and pledged to establish thirty new school libraries over the next three years. In addition, Hilton Worldwide aims to gain participation from more than 75 girls in the Girl’s Education Program and publish six local-language children books that will be distributed to the network of libraries and NGO partners in India. Not to mention, Hilton Worldwide is expanding their partnership to support the Girl’s Education Program in Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam.

Best Practices
Hilton Worldwide stays committed to supporting partners, employees, and consumers internationally by participating with organizations in multiple countries where they do business. The expansion of partnerships provides participating individuals the opportunity to contribute and help make a difference in their local communities. Additionally, Hilton Worldwide forms partnerships that are consistent with their responsible business practices and cause focus. The partnership aligns perfectly with Room to Read program mission and Hilton Worldwide’s purpose of creating opportunities for individuals to reach their full potential.

Along with supporting international causes, Hilton Worldwide targets an audience of women that may feel emotionally connected to the program’s efforts. The program focuses on young girls that women, teens, or children feel linked to based on shared experiences. According to research, women give to charity at a higher rate than men and demonstrate an increased level of cause-awareness in their high levels of philanthropic giving.

Incentives are provided to individuals in that Hilton Worldwide matches all donations contributed to the Girl’s Education Program. This approach not only motivates consumers but also Hilton Worldwide employees to donate any dollar amount and know their gift is providing double the impact. A 2010 Cone Cause Evolution Study reported that 81% of employees want to get involved in their company’s cause-related efforts through matching gifts. This is a great incentive to get everyone involved.

Program Outcome
Hilton Worldwide and Room to Read began their partnership this past January and have committed to supporting the Girl’s Education Program in multiple countries over the next three years. We encourage you to watch, share, and support the program and dedicate your gift to young women across Africa and Asia. Visit Room to Read website and contribute your gift today, the program ends May 31st.

Your CM Aficionados,
Amy and Kassie

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