#CMweekly: Pantene Beautiful Lengths

Company: Pantene
Cause: Health
Partners: American Cancer Society
Website: http://www.pantene.com

Program of Action
Last Friday, Pantene and Seventeen Magazine teamed up to host the first ever National Donate Your Hair Day, benefitting Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths program. This was the first annual day of giving where women and men nationwide were encouraged to cut and donate their hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths. Beautiful Lengths encourages individuals to grow their hair and then cut and donate their locks to the American Cancer Society, which provides real-hair wigs free of charge to cancer patients who have lost their hair due to medical treatments.

Pantene Beautiful Lengths began in January 2006 and has collected a large amount of ponytail donations since. In order to donate hair, donors must meet certain requirements, which include a minimum hair length of 8 inches, hair that is not bleached or chemically treated, and a donation with no more than 5 percent of gray hair.

Best Practices
The success that the Pantene Beautiful Lengths program has made could be attributed to the word-of-mouth effect. Before the rise of social media sites, Pantene engaged salons, women, and young girls to create buzz about the campaign’s effort. Four years later, the campaign is going strong and raising even more awareness by promoting the program through Pantene’s Facebook page and Twitter and by selling hair products with the Beautiful Lengths logo stamped on the front in local grocery, market, and pharmacy stores. In addition, they launched the new dedicated national day to donate hair. Through the utilization of word-of-mouth and social media, Pantene has pushed Beautiful Lengths to go viral and created a buzz worthy campaign among women, men, and children.

Pantene Beautiful Lengths allows individuals to donate through action. Encouraging individuals to give back by playing games, Facebook likes and monetary donations is a simple and effective strategy for many cause marketing campaigns. However, Beautiful Lengths challenges not only women, but also children and men, to grow and give something that is precious to an individual who may need it more. By creating an approach for individuals to pledge and act, the campaign keeps donors engaged and committed to the cause for a longer period of time and gives them the satisfaction of completing a challenge for the greater good.

Lastly, Pantene created a designated site for individuals to share and view the stories of others who have donated in the past. Through the Pantene Facebook page, people can become inspired and learn how rewarding it is to give something that is a part of you to someone in need. To improve the campaign, Pantene might consider implementing a concrete goal for next year’s nationwide event so current donors and potential donors can visualize the impact of their gifts.

Program Outcome
To date, Pantene has donated 303,998 ponytails to the American Cancer Society, with the number growing by the day. National Donate Your Hair Day was just the beginning of spreading the word. If you would like to make a pledge and give hope to an individual battling with cancer, make sure to visit Pantene’s Facebook page or read the inspiring stories of others who have been encouraged to participate in the program.

Your CM Aficionados,
Amy and Kassie


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