#CMweekly: Walmart Fighting Hunger Together

Company: Walmart
Cause: Hunger
Partners: Feeding America food banks & Action for Healthy Kids
Website: http://www.facebook.com/Walmart

Program of Action
Walmart and four of the nation’s top food brands, ConAgra, General Mills, Kraft and Kellogg’s, team up to launch the hunger relief campaign, Fighting Hunger Together. Along with nonprofits, Feeding America and Action for Healthy Kids, the campaign brings 42 million meals to Americans in need this spring. Customers who visit Walmart stores and purchase participating products from the suppliers listed above generate meals for families struggling with hunger. On-package labels advise customers to enter product codes online, share a hashtag on Twitter or scan a QR code.

In addition, customers can visit Walmart’s Facebook page to vote for one of the 200 communities affected with unemployment. The community with the most votes will receive $1 million with the remaining 20 runner-up communities receiving $50,000 each towards hunger relief. Customers can vote for as many of the 200 communities once every 24 hours.

Best Practices
Walmart arranged a giant effort to bring corporate alliances together and raise funds around a single cause through their suppliers and celebrities. This approach amplifies the campaign by receiving more press and engagement from customers and fans. In addition, all partnerships participating in Fighting Hunger Together align with the cause and mission of helping hunger relief in America.

Walmart and the Walmart Foundation show their commitment in making an impact by making a historic pledge to provide $2 billion by 2015 to food banks and hunger relief organizations. The pledge allows Walmart to gain customer loyalty as well as include associates to participate and help support one of Walmart Foundations community initiatives.

Fighting Hunger Together Facebook app provides transparency of all information customers and visitors like to know. The app offers a calendar tracker, community leaderboard, facts, campaign instructions, and much more to engage fans to vote. In addition, the app provides easy access to share activity and extend the campaign with others. According to research, 7 billion pieces of content are shared weekly on Facebook.

On the other hand, the amount of activity and moving pieces in the campaign can make it hard to follow. Better clarifications on how participating brands are helping and where QR and product codes are entered can be clearer to customers and visitors on the Facebook app.

Program Outcome
Fighting Hunger Together ends on April 30, giving customers a month to vote and purchase participating products at Walmart stores. In 2011, Walmart provided nearly 197 million meals to communities across the United States. Let’s help give 42 million more meals to Americans in need and $2 million to communities struggling with hunger this spring. We encourage customers to visit your nearby Walmart stores and purchase participating products and don’t forget to vote online for your community at Walmart’s Facebook page.

Your CM Aficionados,
Amy and Kassie


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