CSRconnect’s New Segmentation Feature Brings Employees in Direct Contact with their Most Relevant Programs

YourCause, LLC deploys a new segmentation feature that allows employees to engage directly with their day-to-day operations and company programs in a more relevant manner.

YourCause, LLC announces the latest enhancement to their employee engagement platform, now offering clients with segmentation functionality. The new feature empowers companies to deliver programs to specific areas of business, segmented by an element in their human resource file such as geographic location, brand, business unit, employee level, or employee type. Segmentation centralizes all employee engagement activities and programs, while offering a level of independence and autonomy relevant to each user’s day-to-day operations.

The new feature is a direct result of client feedback and an ongoing interest to provide company ‘segments’ and their administrators with tools to manage and execute key giving, volunteering, disaster, and other related charitable programs. Each segment can be uniquely branded and gives administrators tools to direct message, upload creative assets, set up charity programs, and report specific to their segment.

“We are excited to launch our segmentation,” said Matthew Combs, Founder & CEO of YourCause. “We have given a lot of thought to this enhancement, taken the feedback from clients, and built a feature that will make it easier for employees located in a different county or brand to act locally, yet continue to participate in the company’s overall program.”

Segmentation is an optional feature within CSRconnect. If implemented, the feature is in the administrator’s hands and enables clients to create or change segments when desired, as well as, edit customizable features real-time within segmentation.

The segmentation capability is the first feature to deploy from a series of ‘significant functionality enhancements’ planned over the next six months for YourCause’s CSRconnect platform. YourCause partners with specific clients to design, development, and execute functionality designed to push the platform closer to the end goal of being a one-stop-shop for all employee engagement. In the pipeline, the company expects to release mobile, personal sustainability, skills based and pro bono tracking, international payroll/matching and other related enhancements.

“We stay aggressive with our feature development and continue to solidify our position as the technical, product, and operational leader for employee engagement solutions,” said Combs. “The release of our segmentation feature is a reflection of several new and exciting feature expected to go live by the end of summer.”


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