#CMweekly: Nissan Habitat for Humanity Charity Game

Company: Nissan
Cause: Housing
Partners: Habitat for Humanity
Website: http://www.facebook.com/Nissan

Program of Action
Nissan and Habitat for Humanity are taking action to help raise funds and build homes for families in need through their newest campaign, Habitat for Humanity Charity Game. To play the game, fans and consumers can visit Nissan’s Facebook page and type a specific action, such as clean a window, for virtual builders to follow. For each task or word submitted, players will receive points that they can redeem for a personalized video from a Nissan volunteer pounding a nail at a building site in their behalf.

Fans and players who participate in the Habitat for Humanity Charity Game will also be directed to the Habitat for Humanity website, where they can donate, register as a volunteer, or take action in their own community. Nissan and Habitat for Humanity have been partners since 2006 and continue to raise awareness and promote green building in local communities.

Best Practices
Just when you think you have seen all the projects that can be featured on Facebook, something new appears. The new app Nissan has launched is a clever way of opening a door to a whole new type of engagement without consumers having to “like,” sign up, or log in to participate in the game. The interactive video and gaming aspect is truly designed to raise awareness and bring attention to Nissan and Habitat for Humanity’s partnership.

Nissan proudly displays the loyalty and dedication they have towards Habitat for Humanity. Nissan has stayed true to supporting sustainability, green building efforts and awareness by providing more than $7.5 million in grants and donations and donating 104 Nissan vehicles. In addition, 5,000 Nissan employees have also volunteered over the last six years. The partnership and campaign also tie-in with Nissan’s philanthropic efforts and one of their community-focused initiatives, supporting environmental causes.

Also, Nissan provides personal incentives to players who are within the top 100 scorers. The player can see a personalized video showing a physical contribution made from a Nissan volunteer on his or her behalf and receive a Nissan T-shirt. Rewarding winners with personal messages allows Nissan to connect emotionally with their consumers and achieve their long-term commitment to supporting the cause.

On the other hand, we would like to see Nissan mention within the game a call to action concerning the cause and partnership. The company could also further incentivize fans by promising a donation amount if they reach a certain amount of points.

Program Outcome
As stated above, Nissan has contributed more than $7.5 million to Habitat for Humanity and is continually raising funds. So far, 24,040 tasks have been completed by Nissan’s virtual volunteers. Join in on the charity game and begin submitting tasks to help support green building and families in need of a home.

Your CM Aficionados,
Amy and Kassie


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