#CMweekly: ConAgra Foods Child Hunger Ends Here

Company: ConAgra Foods
Cause: Youth and Hunger
Partners: Feeding America
Website: www.childhungerendshere.com

Program of Action
ConAgra Foods continues their support of ending childhood hunger in America by launching their nationally-recognized campaign, Child Hunger Ends Here, for the third consecutive year. Consumers who purchase a participating brand (i.e. Chef Boyardee, Healthy Choice, Snack Pack, Peter Pan, etc.) and enter the eight-digit code located on the back of the specially-marked packages at the campaign site, ConAgra will donate the equivalent of one meal to Feeding America.

Consumers will also be able to enter their local Feeding America food bank into a competition (determined by their zip code) to receive an 80,000 meal donation. Altogether this compliments ConAgra Foods five-year $10 million pledge to Feeding America, one of the largest donations ever made to fighting child hunger.

Best Practices
Child Hunger Ends Here targets an audience that makes sense to their consumer goods based brand. ConAgra Foods takes advantage of prime advertising space by posting its message on food packages that grocery shoppers and parents pick up every day. In addition, the company emotionally connects with consumers and consistently engages them to act on supporting their cause every year. Pledging a donation amount and continuing the campaign for a third year shows parents and shoppers that ConAgra is loyal and determined to help feed kids in need.

Secondly, ConAgra Foods measures the campaign’s success and displays transparency with consumers and fans about their determined end goal. The campaign reports past years’ successes and educates the audience along the way with how many meals have been donated in total and/or in the consumer’s state. ConAgra Foods also keeps consumers in the know of how its partnership with Feeding America works. The partnership’s accomplishments are listed on the site along with quotes, statistics and data that support why the collaboration makes sense.

Lastly, childhungerendshere.com is a commendable cause marketing website that engages individuals to post stories and raise awareness into one place. From music artists to the ConAgra Foods CEO to parents, all are helping to communicate why others should help fight food insecurity among children.

To improve the odds of reaching their target audience, ConAgra might consider placing its campaign message and the accompanying eight-digit codes on the front of the brand packages rather than the back. This approach can increase sales and grab the attention of a wider audience.

Program Outcome
ConAgra Foods and Feeding America’s partnership was established in 1993. More than $36 million and 275 million pounds of food have been donated to the hunger-relief organization by ConAgra Foods. This year, they aim to donate 5 million meals by August 2012. We encourage you to search for ConAgra Foods brands on the next round of grocery shopping and help end child hunger.

Your CM Aficionados,
Amy and Kassie


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