#CMweekly: Kenneth Cole Retail Program for Haiti

Company: Kenneth Cole
Cause: Disaster
Partners: N/A
Website: http://www.awearness.com

Program of Action
Kenneth Cole has launched a new campaign to help raise funds for those who are still affected by the devastating earthquake in Haiti in 2010. The retail program is asking consumers to add a $10 donation to their total online or in-store purchase after shopping online or at a local Kenneth Cole store. In addition, for every fan who “likes” the infographic posted on Kenneth Cole’s Facebook page, Kenneth Cole will donate $1 to Haiti.

For the past two years, Kenneth Cole has made efforts to support Haiti. After the earthquake occurred, Kenneth Cole organized a shoe drive for those affected. The company also launched a community building initiative in Haiti last October. This year, the company continues those efforts and encourages fans to get involved and keep on contributing.

Best Practices
Kenneth Cole’s “shop for a cause” approach goes beyond adding a donation amount to consumer’s real-world purchases. The donation amount of $10 or more will provide the consumer with a 20% off discount on a full price purchase for their following shopping spree. This approach motivates consumers to give back to a community in need and incentivizes them with a reward as a result of their contribution.

In addition, Kenneth Cole targets a wider audience by reaching out to online shoppers and internet users. According to research in 2011, more than 7 out of 10 internet users were online buyers. Kenneth Cole encourages the average online shopper to get more involved and provides them with a simple and quick location to shop, donate and view Kenneth Cole’s Facebook link.

Lastly, Kenneth Cole aims to raise awareness for international disasters. Kenneth Cole educates fans and consumers of international disasters and/or controversies across the globe that may otherwise fade from the media. They have remained loyal with their continuation of efforts after the earthquake occurred.

Program Outcome
The program runs from March 1 to 18, with the first $25,000 in donations directed towards Kenneth Cole’s community-building initiatives in Haiti. Thereafter, funds donated will be allocated to similar initiatives in Haiti or to other charitable initiatives around the world. With time running out, we encourage you to reward yourself with a new outfit and donate to a community still in need of assistance. Or, visit the Kenneth Cole Facebook page and help the company raise awareness for Haiti.

Your CM Aficionados,
Amy and Kassie


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