#CMweekly: NEA Read Across America, Driven by Mazda

Company: Mazda
Cause: Education and Environment
Partners: National Education Association
Website: http://www.mazdatestdriveoffer.com/lorax

Program of Action
Mazda is taking a different approach and introducing their newest vehicle, Mazda CX-5, through the National Education Association’s (NEA) project, Read Across America. The campaign, National Education Association Read Across America Tour, Driven by Mazda, supports struggling public school libraries in 20 cities to help children develop a love for reading. Between February 20 and April 2, Mazda will donate to NEA $25 per test-drive for every consumer who test drives a new Mazda vehicle at a local dealership, up to $1 million.

Mazda will visit public schools in more than 20 cities across the country to help NEA share the gift of reading with thousands of students. In addition, the campaign shares with students the story of Dr. Seuss’ “The Lorax” in order to raise awareness among children.

Best Practices
NEA’s Read Across America Tour, Driven by Mazda, combines two causes within a single effort (education and environment). Though it could be a challenge to execute both causes due to consumer confusion, Mazda informs individuals of the environmentally-friendly vehicle through images and messages displayed on Mazda’s Facebook page, which mentions the campaign and how to participate. Combining two causes in one campaign allows Mazda to demonstrate their commitment to giving back to communities and show their efforts of building greener vehicles.

Mazda catches consumers’ attentions by incorporating the newest hit Dr. Seuss’ movie, “The Lorax,” into the campaign. The distinctive tie-in of brands strangely matches. NEA’s Read Across America project focuses on the birthday of Dr. Seuss, the author and illustrator of the famous book “The Lorax.” Furthermore, “The Lorax” demonstrates environmental friendliness that affiliates with Mazda’s new eco-friendly CX-5.

The campaign also motivates action by offering incentives, such as the sweepstakes for a trip to Universal Studios in Orlando that consumers can enter after test-driving the new vehicle. In addition, Mazda is donating a large amount for each consumer test-driving a new Mazda vehicle and striving for a large total amount at the end of the campaign. According to 2010 Cone Cause Evolution Study, 85% of consumers like to know the social or environmental impact their individual purchase will have on the cause and 83% of consumers want to know the total amount given to the cause.

Program Outcome
Consumers have till April 2 to test-drive any new Mazda vehicle in order for Mazda to donate $25 to NEA foundation. However, Mazda’s last stop on the school tour is on Dr. Suess’ Birthday, March 2. Help Mazda reach their goal of donating $1 million toward our nation’s public school libraries and test-drive a new eco-friendly vehicle. Who knows, you may end up purchasing a new car all while sharing the love of reading.

Your CM Aficionados,
Amy and Kassie

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