#CMweekly: HP eSmiles

Company: HP
Cause: Youth and Health
Partners: Ronald McDonald House Charities
Website: http://www.hpesmiles.com

Program of Action
HP and participating Ronald McDonald Houses have teamed up to launch their new campaign, eSmiles. The eSmiles project will help support children and families staying at the participating Ronald McDonald Houses by using HP’s ePrint technology, their newest Web-connected printer. For every person who sends an eSmile to one of the five Ronald McDonald Houses, HP will donate $1, up to $10,000 per household.

Between February 14 and April 15, individuals can send an eSmile message (letter, photo, card, cartoon, joke, poem, etc.) by visiting http://www.hpesmiles.com or by using their mobile phones. The eSmile message, which is sent as an email, will be delivered and printed through the ePrint printer at the chosen Ronald McDonald House. eSmiles offer laughs and smiles to children and their families during a time that is frightening and hard for all.

Best Practices
The eSmiles project has a unique brand tie-in with HP. Through the technology being used for eSmiles, people can quickly connect with others and offer any help, advice or support from across the United States and the globe. In addition, eSmiles makes the best of giving back through a mobile experience by providing individuals easy interface and access to the participating Ronald McDonald Houses. Integrating mobile devices offers individuals the opportunity to send an eSmile at their convenience without interfering with their time.

eSmiles provides more value than consumer donations and product attributes. Though, HP is contributing cash donations to participating Ronald McDonald Houses, receiving heart-warm messages and photos from random individuals will keep a smile on a child’s face and the memory will last longer. The meaningful experience doesn’t stop at children receiving eSmiles, either. The eSmiles project revolves around the participating individuals and allows them to feel as if the campaign is about them since the donation is dependent on whether they send a message.

Lastly, the campaign is inclusive of consumers and employees. Everyone with computers and/or mobile phones will be receptive to participate in the campaign and contribute to help HP reach their ultimate goal of donating $10,000 to each of the participating Ronald McDonald Houses. The wide range of targeted audience works in HP’s favor, not only is HP giving back through the eSmiles project they are also advertising their new released printer, ePrint.

Program Outcome
eSmiles aims to donate $10,000 to each of the five Ronald McDonald Houses and still needs your help. Visit http://www.hpesmiles.com to view the recent amount donated to each of the Ronald McDonald House locations. In addition, the campaign site displays galleries with all of the messages that have been sent to children and their families. Help put a smile on a child’s face and send an eSmile message. We promise it will put a smile on your face as well!

Your CM Aficionados,
Amy and Kassie


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