YourCause Forms Partnership with ammado to Expand International Charitable Options

YourCause and ammado partner to multiply international giving opportunities for multinational employees on the CSRconnect Employee Engagement Platform.

YourCause, LLC announces their new partnership with ammado AG, leaders in global online donations, which will provide multinational corporations the ability to offer equal programs to all employees in all offices within CSRconnect. Integration with ammado delivers multinational clients and their employees the option to donate to more than 5,000 non-US organizations using one of 78 currencies and 30 additional credit card payment methods. Now companies can cater to regional office locations by offering country specific charities, currency, payment methods and tax receipts.

YourCause will also expand currency conversion capabilities and allow the CSRconnect platform to capture real-time, multi-currency transactions and then report on such data within the administrator reporting functionality. Clients will be able to report donation information in US Dollars and in the currency being donated. Further allowing global reach, the CSRconnect platform is already provided in eight languages, which cover 74% of primary languages spoken by internet users worldwide.

“YourCause is impressed by the ammado team, their technical platform and their global reach,” said Matthew Combs, Founder & CEO of YourCause. “The possibility between our two platforms partnering will, in many ways, be a game-changer. It will expand our offering of non-US charities by more than 16 times, allowing users to give charitable donations to causes located in their country, which may never have been given to otherwise.”

YourCause and ammado are mutually passionate in utilizing technology to make a difference, which underlines the value of collaborative efforts and expertise to deliver the most comprehensive solution for engaging employees worldwide. ammado’s partnership is a key element to support YourCause’s mission of ‘Developing Global Good.’

“We are truly complimented to partner with YourCause,” said Peter Conlon, Founder & CEO of ammado. “Many global employees are passionate about certain causes in the country they are located in and at times are not able to support them due to restrictions. By partnering with YourCause, we are helping expand those opportunities.”

The integration of the features has already begun and is expected to be offered to clients, via CSRconnect, during the first quarter of 2012.

About ammado, AG


ammado is dedicated to creating heroes by empowering people to make a difference. We connect nonprofits, socially responsible companies and engaged individuals committed to positive change from a global to local level. ammado has a vision of building a community that will change the world.

ammado provides members with the tools to connect, communicate and mobilize around shared values. Our unique donations platform allows people from all over the world to conduct all of their giving and cause-related activities from one location.

The ammado community will generate inspirational stories and create real heroes.


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