CMweekly: Quaker State Drive to End Hunger

Company: Quaker State
Cause: Hunger
Partner: AARP Foundation

Program of Action
Quaker State is teaming up with the AARP Foundation for the Drive to End Hunger campaign, which aims to help raise awareness and fight hunger among older Americans. For every five-quart bottle of Quaker State Ultimate Durability or Higher Mileage Engine motor oil bought, 25 cents will be donated, up to $50,000, to AARP Foundation. In addition, Quaker State will donate a portion of proceeds ofspecifically-marked Quaker State products sold at Walmart to help provide meals to older Americans struggling with hunger.

This is the second year Quaker State and AARP Foundation have teamed up to fight senior hunger and support AARP’s initiatives. AARP Foundation is dedicated to helping Americans 50 years of age and older who are suffering with hunger, housing, income, and isolation. The campaign began on February 1st and runs through March 31st.

Best Practices
The campaign site engages the audience through all the incentives it has to offer. The bold and large statistics listed on the site immediately attract the audience visually and emotionally by providing the message of why Americans should help raise awareness and support senior hunger. Activities are posted that educate viewers with fun facts pertaining to their age, birth location, health, and overall life. In addition, mini video episodes are provided that show footage of local individuals helping seniors with day-to-day chores or explanations as to why seniors do not have enough to eat. These initiatives keep the audience informed and share the message in a way that reflects the cause’s campaign.

The campaign points out philanthropic efforts that will benefit the consumer’s community by pointing out nearby volunteer events and allocating monetary donations to local food banks. Offering consumers the chance to give back to their communities makes them prouder to contribute and engage in doing something good for their own community.

This campaign has many commended approaches, but the tie between racecar driving and hunger does not particularly match brands. In addition, Drive to End Hunger could engage a wider crowd and not specifically target racecar fans. Perhaps, the campaign could use a broader approachin targeting a more varied audience, such as displaying Quaker State motor oil in mechanic shops or gas stations that will attract a wide range of consumers.

Program Outcome
Since the campaign launched in 2011, Quaker State and Drive to End Hunger have funded 4 million meals with additional donations going towards local efforts to help with senior food insecurity. Visit the Drive to End Hunger site, Facebook page, or Twitter to see how you can get involved and help your community. We encourage you to raise awareness and fundraise to stop hunger in older Americans.

Your CM Aficionados,
Amy and Kassie


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