#CMweekly: DC Entertainment & Warner Bros We Can Be Heroes

Company: DC Entertainment, Warner Bros & Time Warner
Cause: Humanitarian and Health
Partner: Save the Children, Mercy Corps & International Rescue Committee
Website: http://www.joinwecanbeheroes.org

Program of Action
DC Entertainment, along with support from Warner Bros Entertainment and Time Warner businesses, has dispatched its superheroes to fight hunger in the Horn of Africa as part of their We Can Be Heroes cause marketing campaign.The campaign supports three nonprofit organizations: Save the Children, Mercy Corps, and International Rescue Committee. DC Entertainment says it will match donations to the three nonprofits 100%. In addition, if you purchase a We Can Be Heroes product, 50% of the purchase price goes to helping save lives.

We Can Be Heroes originated from a DC Entertainment comic book distributed in 1986 entitled, ‘Heroes Against Hunger,’ which benefitted the Ethiopian famine relief (“The Beat,” 2012). Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment reprised the hunger relief commitment by raising awareness through the superhero platform and Justice League created through DC Entertainments comic books. Individuals who contribute donations will join the Justice League as a hero, along with Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman, and many other legendary heroes who have tackled humanitarian crises.

Best Practices
DC Entertainment was relevant with the purpose of the campaign through the title, “We Can Be Heroes,” tag lines, “This is your time to be a hero” and a video that attracts the user with music, statistics and personal accounts. In addition, the imagery on the site consistently reflects and addresses the issues occurring in the Horn of Africa and connects emotionally with consumers by asking them to become heroes, a call that young and old want to answer.

Before consumers donate, DC Entertainment lists what each donation amount can provide for individuals and children struggling. By doing so, We Can Be Heroes educates their consumers on what their dollar amount can do and defines what the success will look like.

Last but certainly not least, the authenticity and transparency of the overall campaign works. The connections between comic books, superheroes, and saving lives mesh well and inform consumers exactly how this campaign and its partners work together. Furthermore, the partnership with Warner Bros provides merchandise and products that incentivize children, superhero fans, or comic book aficionados to do good while purchasing a limited edition prize.

Program Outcome
We Can Be Heroes is matching every donation, up to 1 million, this year. Donations of any amount will be accepted and/or in the amounts of $10, $25, $50, or $100—those donations will be powered through our friends at Network for Good. Help the people of Horn of Africa and begin saving lives by visiting We Can Be Heroes site and donating. As the Justice League would say “One small act can make you a hero.”

Your CM Aficionados,
Amy and Kassie

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