#CMweekly: L.L. Bean Million Moment Mission


Company: L.L. Bean
Cause: Environment
Partner: National Park Foundation
Website: http://www.100.llbean.com/million-moment-mission

Program of Action
To celebrate L.L. Bean’s 100 years of exploring outdoors they are partnering with National Park Foundation for their Million Moment Mission campaign. The new campaign aims for individuals to share stories, pictures, ideas, or memories of outdoor experiences online or via an outdoor event in 2012. For each photo, story, tweet, or “like,” L.L. Bean is donating $1, up to $1 million, to support National Park Foundation’s programs for kids. L.L. Bean’s goal is to encourage family outdoor recreation and increase the number of children visiting national parks.

Best Practices
Million Moment Mission matches L.L Bean’s image and targets their demographic of outdoors enthusiasts. In addition to the campaign matching the L.L. Bean brand, we cannot emphasize enough how important a partnership between a company and a nonprofit organization must make sense. With L.L. Bean selling outdoor equipment, gear, clothing, and shoes, they not only display their appreciation for outdoor activities, but support parks, mountains, rivers, and forest preservations just as National Park Foundation does.

L.L. Bean also commits to campaign Million Moment Mission for an entire year. Although, it is often challenging to keep momentum for a long period of time, L.L. Bean is engaging consumers with outdoor events, including: festivals, giveaways, tours, and outdoor discovery schools. Focusing on a cause marketing campaign for a year allows potential consumers to become aware of the campaign and understand what their contribution means. Consumers can also spread word about the campaign and help the Million Moment Mission to reach a wider audience.

Lastly, free giving is not uncommon, but is a great incentive for consumers. For example, many companies encourage consumers to “like” a Facebook page and the company will donate a certain amount. However, L.L. Bean goes beyond and asks for consumers to share a memorable outdoor experience, something consumers are glad to remember and look back on while supporting an organization that strives to offer other individuals similar outdoor experiences. In addition, consumers can give back as much as they want at no personal monetary cost.

Program Outcome
L.L.Bean aims to donate $1 million this year. Since the campaign began last week, the company has not posted the donation amount. Consumers have time to donate, but with free giving in place, we encourage all individuals to tweet and share stories every day. Visit the Million Moment Mission site, Twitter or Facebook page, to celebrate L. L. Bean’s 100th anniversary and help support outdoor recreation and national parks.

Your CM Aficionados,
Amy and Kassie


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