Haiti Two Years Later


Yesterday marked Haiti’s two year remembrance of the 7.0 magnitude earthquake that severely damaged the region.  An estimated 3 million people were affected by the quake with 316,000 deaths, totaling the cost of the disaster between 8 million and 14 million. 

Haitian people still struggle to get back on their feet with most living in camps, women fear sexual violence, children remain out of school, and the country still battles the cholera epidemic that killed 7,000 people since November 2010.  But yesterday, Haitians and others gathered together to remember the catastrophic quake by attending church, lighting candles, posting updated news, and even took to Twitter to motivate individuals to remember and donate. 

As of today, 12 billion has been donated to Haiti from multiple organizations.  With American Red Cross, Oxfam, Save the Children, Clinton Bush Foundation, and many more supporting the recovery of Haiti, the region hopes for repairing infrastructure, treating diseases, and providing clean water. 

You can take action by visiting YourCause.com and donating to organizations supporting Haiti’s road to recovery.

-Kassie Hernandez 


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