Are You Investing Smart? Make the Most of Your Donation.

Do people donate because they want to feel good or do good?

I’d say both. A donation to a nonprofit gives individuals a warm glow and insinuates a positive result will come from investing in their cause. Though, to fulfill the ‘do good’ part, donors should be aware smart giving choices will have more of an impact.

But how do you know if you’re investing smart?

Nonprofit watchdogs are a start, but they are primarily unheard of among general donors. An article from Stanford Social Innovation Review, ‘Giving Blind,’ inspired me to write about charity watchdogs and provide donors the resources that I never knew about myself before I worked in the industry.

These organizations evaluate nonprofits and rate them accordingly from their assessment criteria. Investing smart is not as easy as a ‘click of a button,’ but neither is solving the world’s issues. If you invest smart, you’re one step closer to being a part of the solution for whatever cause you support.

Either way, know that you have an option and information is at your fingertips.

See below a list of charity watchdogs and their list of recommended nonprofits:

American Institute of Philanthropy’s Top-Rated Charities

Charity Navigator’s Top Ten Lists

Guidestar’s ‘Take Action’ List

BBB Wise Giving Alliance Accredited Charities

Independent Charities of America’s Members List

Happy giving,

Amy Chait


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