#CMweekly: GLAD One Bag


Company: GLAD
Cause: Environment
Partner: Association for Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education & Keep America Beautiful
Website: http://www.glad.com/waste-less/one-bag

Program of Action
GLAD teams up with Association for Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE) and Keep America Beautiful to launch their One Bag campaign, which targets college-aged consumers to dispose only “one bag” of waste to landfill and divert the rest to recycling or compost. By aiming at college campuses and football programs, the One Bag movement motivates tailgates, teams, students and schools to download a free resource kit and host their own event that’s mindful of recycling and sustainability. In addition, GLAD will provide ten $2,000 grants to help a stadium, sports league or team reduce their landfill waste and increase recycling.

The average football game produces 50 to 100 tons of waste. Therefore, One Bag campaign will grant winners with funding, products, and counsel from sustainability experts. Also, GLAD and Keeping America Beautiful will expand their 27-year partnership to support the organizations recycling efforts on more than 150 college campuses.

Best Practices
GLAD directs One Bag campaign toward colleges and students as their audience. According to research, Millennials, who represent 40% of college students, are driving recycling efforts and encouraging college and university presidents to embrace environmental strategies on campus. GLAD does well in recognizing Millennials (86%) take into consideration the opportunities they are given as to learn more about companies environmental issues (2010, Cone Cause Evolution Study).

GLAD also engages students through the sport of football which gathers a wide range of audience together and provides them with an opportunity to begin recycling and reduce waste on campus grounds. GLAD provides toolkits to help with planning an event (tailgates, parties, BBQ’s, etc.) to host an event that minimizes the amount of garbage at the gathering. In addition, the toolkits offer game-based methods such as adding challenges and organizing teams to add fun and competition for everyone involved.

GLAD is a popular brand that markets themselves well, however, we would like to see more promotion around the campaign. AASHE does mention the campaign through their website, which states their 97% diversion rate and lists each of their university members for students to learn more. But perhaps GLAD can also provide a way for students to share through social media sites and offer a transparent way for schools to join the One Bagmovement.

Program Outcome
So far, GLAD has not reported the amount of colleges who have registered for the One Bag movement. However, time is not an issue. Individuals have till January 31st to enter and help move more college programs towards less waste. We encourage you to visit http://www.glad.com/waste-less/one-bag and learn how you can waste less every day.

Your CM Aficionados,
Amy and Kassie


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