#CMweekly: Coca-Cola Arctic Home

Company: Coca-Cola
Cause: Animal Welfare/ Environment
Partners: World Wildlife Fund
Website: http://www.arctichome.com

Program of Action
Coca-Cola continues to use their iconic polar bear holiday symbol to team up with World Wildlife Fund and kick off the Arctic Home campaign in an effort to raise awareness and funds to protect the polar bear’s deteriorating habitat. Through the Arctic Home campaign, Coca-Cola commits up to $1 million to match consumer donations through March 15, 2012. Over the next five years, Coca-Cola is contributing $2 million to polar bear conservation efforts.

Best Practices
The campaign website, http://www.arctichome.com, immediately intrigues visitors with a video displaying rhetorical effects such as music, images, and facts about the bears that produce a sense of feeling to help their decaying home. Once the video is over, Coca-Cola directly provides visitors a quick method for what they plan to do on the site by displaying an instant pop-up asking whether they would like to “Donate Now” or “Explore Now.”

Coca-Cola involves a unique navigator and interactive tracking with the campaign. By moving your cursor, consumers have the ability to view information and facts about WWF scientists experiencing the Arctic environment designated areas (called virtual parcels). Consumers choose where their donation is made, and a polar bear sighting tracker with additional facts such as their age, weight, and name appears. The site also visually displays real-time temperature and time in the Arctic and consumers donations, which are rarely tracked publicly.

In addition, credit card donations powered by Network for Good and $1 text message donations are integrated with the site that will also be matched by Coca-Cola. According to Cone 2010 Text-To-Give, 27% are more likely to text a donation if a company/organization matches their gift.

On the other hand, the amount of action and plethora of buttons and interactive effects may distract and confuse visitors. Perhaps the designated site could demonstrate a how-to guide to explain each module and convenience the user experience.

Program Outcome
To date, $60,059 has been raised and donated to WWF. Consumers have till March 15, 2012 to donate with Coca-Cola matching each donation. We encourage you to visit http://www.arctichome.com and WWF and consider donating to polar bear conservation efforts. Or, just simply visit to learn more about these magnificent animals, their loss of habitat and greatest threats to survive.

Your CM Aficionados,
Amy and Kassie

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