#CMweekly: Hanes Virtual Sock Drive

Company: Hanes
Cause: Human Services
Partners: Salvation Army
Website: http://www.Facebook.com/Hanes

Program of Action
Hanes® kicked off their third annual Virtual Sock Drive this holiday season to benefit The Salvation Army. For every person who visits Hanes’ Facebook page and clicks on the “donate now” button, Hanes donates up to 250,000 pairs of socks from November 14 until December 12.

Best Practices
Homelessness is not a common cause in cause-marketing campaigns. Instead, many brands get involved with children, animals, troops, and health. However, it makes sense for Hanes to choose homeless for they are the number one apparel in America and socks are the number one needed item among the homeless community. Hanes contributing product donations rather than donating money or meals this holiday season allows them to physically and literally share comfort to those in need. Product donations have grown by 39% since 2007 and will continue to rise, according to CECP Giving in Numbers 2011.

To commence the campaign, Hanes partnered with The Salvation Army and released a video of individuals handing out socks to Los Angeles’ Skid Row homeless, showing the impact a pair of socks can do for an individual in need. The video promotes the emotional aspect of the campaign that grabs the consumers’ attention to participate and donate. According to research, only 33% of companies integrate videos but more should use this tool in order to capture the consumers’ attention and draw them into the cause.

In addition, Mark Horvath, creator of the project Invisible People, is shown in the video. Horvath, who once was a homeless man himself, now dedicates himself as an advocate for the community. He uses his story to raise awareness and teams up with brands to help support the homeless. We recognize his efforts and his help in handing out socks for those in need with Hanes and The Salvation Army.

Program Outcome
Though Hanes donated a total of 1.7 million individual socks since the inaugural effort in 2009, they should mention the number of individuals who received those pairs of socks. This year their donation goal, with the help of their Facebook community, is 250,000 pairs of socks to be contributed to Salvation Army. We encourage you to visit http://www.facebook.com/hanes and click “donate now” and make some ones holiday season a warm one.

Your CM Aficionados,
Amy and Kassie

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