#CMweekly: Pepto Bismol Feast for All

Company: Pepto Bismol
Cause: Hunger
Partners: Feeding America
Website: http://www.Facebook.com/peptobismol

Program of Action
Pepto Bismol kicked off their first-ever campaign, Feast for All, where one click (via Facebook) donates an equivalency of eight meals through November 8th – December 1st. They partnered up with Eric Stonestreet from ABC’s Modern Family and Feeding America to help reach their goal of donating two million meals.

Pepto Bismol is a brand known to cure overindulgence, and in the midst of eating turkey, stuffing, and pecan pie Pepto Bismol is there for a stomach remedy. Therefore, launching a campaign during a food-centered holiday is an apt time to draw attention and help millions of Americans who don’t have the opportunity to eat a meal also indulge this holiday season.

Best Practices
Holiday campaigns are one of the best times to launch because three times as many people make donations during this time. Pepto Bismol has made it easy for consumers to give back during this giving season, by simply clicking “Like” to donate eight meals for those in need. You can also see the totaling amounts on their real-time tracker.

Pepto Bismol chose Eric Stonestreet as their celebrity spokesperson, which is a common tactic for cause marketing that seems to work. According to research, 35% of Americans believe that someone famous supporting a particular cause influences the amount of attention. Though celebrities may bring more awareness towards a campaign, the authenticity and personal connection must be in place for the campaign to succeed. Pepto Bismol recognizes the value of a holiday dinner with friends and family just as Eric’s role, a father and husband, portrays in the ABC sitcom. Aligning the meaning of family and Thanksgiving with Eric Stonestreet encourages individuals to join in on the holiday spirit.

We enjoy simple campaigns that draw high awareness and engagement – though the Feast for All campaignremains a little vague where meals will be distributed and how fast the donations will translate into meals. All in all, they did provide an equation for impact (1 “like” is equivalent to $1 = 8 meals) leaving us with an idea how a viral online campaign can do some good through easy actions.

Program Outcome
As of now, 559,384 meals will be donated to Feeding America. Pepto Bismol still has time to reach their goal in donating two million meals by December 1st, for the number is continually rising by the hour. Help Pepto Bismol feed America by clicking this link, http://www.facebook.com/peptobismol, then “like” the turkey with no signing in required. Every individual should have the chance to indulge in a delicious turkey dinner!

Your CM Aficionados,
Amy and Kassie

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