#CMweekly: Energizer Change Your Clock Change Your Battery

Company: Energizer
Cause: Safety
Partners: International Fire Chiefs Association
Website: http://www.nowthatspositivenergy.com

Program of Action
For the past 23 years, Energizer has teamed up with International Fire Chiefs Association in donating more than four million batteries to local fire departments, while paving the way for other battery corporations (like Duracell) to do the same. This year, Energizer’s annual program, Change Your Clock, Change Your Battery® kicked off on October 11th and finished on the ending of daylight savings time this past Saturday November 6th.

Change Your Clock, Change Your Battery® reminds families and parents to not only change their time but also change their batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. The campaign asks for individuals to pledge that they will change their smoke detector battery, make a fire escape plan, and spread the word. In addition, Energizer established a sweepstakes, which for every person who pledges has a chance to win a $5,000 fire safety home makeover or be one of the 500 winners to receive a smoke/carbon monoxide detector.

Best Practices
We commend Energizer at establishing Change Your Clock, Change Your Battery® for it is very important to check your safety and hope everyone did so.

Below are four positive actions we like about the program:

•Change Your Clock, Change Your Battery® raises awareness through social media (e.g. Facebook). By “liking” Energizer on Facebook, you pledge to check and change your smoke detector batteries.
• Energizer targets parents and families to educate their children and communities about the importance of home safety and a establishing a plan if a fire were to occur.
• In addition, the program provides outreach materials such as home escape plans, battery request forms, activity sheets for schools, etc. to help reach out to local communities.
• Lastly, Energizer provides a volunteer search for individuals to give back or help in their local communities.

However, there are a few suggestions Energizer can improve on next year’s round:

• The navigation to locate the program on the home website was a bit confusing. Multiple clicks had to be made in order to find the campaign. Perhaps they have a direct link on the website in addition to the Facebook page.
• Although Energizer does raise awareness on Facebook, there aren’t any analytics or results shown. Consumers want to know how many people pledged.
• Also, perhaps creating an educational interactive section on their site for children to learn lessons on home and fire safety could integrate fun and learning together.

Program Outcome
According to comments written on Energizer’s Facebook page, Change Your Clock, Change Your Battery® reminded multiple individuals to check their smoke detectors and change their batteries. The winner who will be rewarded with a $5,000 fire safety home makeover and other winners who receive smoke/monoxide detectors have not been announced, but will be in the upcoming days. While changing clocks an hour back this past weekend we also hope you checked your smoke detectors and thought about your home safety!

Your CM Aficionados,
Amy and Kassie


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