#CMweekly: Kellogg’s Share Your Breakfast

Company: Kellogg’s
Cause: Hunger
NPO Partners: Action for Healthy Kids
Website: www.ShareYourBreakfast.com

Program of Action

Kellogg’s launched the “Share Your Breakfast” campaign to help share one million breakfasts by the start of the 2011-2012 school year.  Every time an individual uploads a picture of their breakfast via text or computer from January 20, 2011 to July 31, 2011, Kellogg’s donates to Action for Healthy Kids’ breakfast program that supports children in need nationwide.

Best Practices

There two main reasons why we’re a fan of this campaign:

1) The strategic nonprofit partnership with Action for Healthy Kids

2) ShareYourBreakfast.com offers an engaging and informative user experience

First, when choosing a nonprofit partner, companies should be careful selecting an organization for brand reputation purposes. Action for Healthy Kids is certified as a four star charity by Charity Navigator and for good reasons such as their transparency on the amount of awards distributed to the schools. Kellogg’s partnership with Action for Healthy Kids allows them to strategically place their donations to qualified schools that are also obligated to construct an action plan for how the funds will be used.

Secondly, ShareYourBreakfast.com is an engaging website that also highlights information about their partnership. Kellogg’s shares key information on Action for Healthy Kids (e.g. one dollar donated equals five school breakfast) and hyperlinks to their website so consumers can learn more about the application process. In addition, ShareYourBreakfast.com has a simple user interface and communicates a sense of the impact via the site’s real-time breakfast upload tracker.

Program Outcome

The campaign ran from January 20 to July 31, 201 but school districts that receive Share Your Breakfast™ grants were recently notified on October 17th. Since individuals are still active on the site, we hope to see a program update on how much was donated during the campaign timeframe to understand the dollar amount translated into meals. As an extension to their partnership, they could promote the school districts’ project plans that resulted from Kellogg’s efforts to give back.

On another note, they were quite successful on the marketing front – reaching the mass market of moms (who make up 80% of household shopping). We googled “Kellogg’s Share Your Breakfast” and 6 out 10 post on the first page were mom bloggers. That comes to no surprise when 95% of moms find cause marketing acceptable versus 88% average consumer.

We are rooting for the Kellogg’s Share Your Breakfast campaign, as they can become one of the rare companies to share tangible outcomes from cause marketing efforts.

Your CM Aficionados,
Amy and Kassie


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