#CMweekly: CITGO Fueling Good

Starting this week, YourCause is dedicating a cause marketing series with
campaigns that hooked us from the start.  Once a week we’ll be highlighting noteworthy cause marketing programs and analyzing trends to see what good comes out of good campaigns.

Check in every Tuesday and join the #CMweekly conversation!

Company: CITGO
Cause: Health, Environment, Energy, and Education
Partners: N/A
Website: http://www.FuelingGood.com

Program of Action
CITGO, a marketer of transportation fuels, established the ‘Fueling Good’ campaign in 2009 and is now in its third year launching the campaign to give gallons of gas to non-profit organizations. The program runs during the fall and summer, rewarding 24 charities total that will each receive $5,000 in CITGO gift cards.

The mission is to encourage citizens to lend a hand by voting for the charity they believe needs the most development. Any 501(c)3 organizations based in the 26 states and District of Columbia where CITGO operates are eligible. In addition, each charity must focus on one of the following categories: increasing literacy and education, providing energy assistance and conservation to their communities, protecting and restoring natural habitats, or helping to build healthy, happy lives.

Best Practices
CITGO’s campaign stands out because it directly correlates with their industry and corporate mission. Organizations need the transportation assistance whether it is for medical appointments, distributing food, or sending children to school and CITGO is able to give back to the community by providing fuel for these activities.

Moreover, voting contests are a great way to increase participation and involvement with consumers. According to Cone Inc.’s 2010 Shared Responsibility Study, 81% of consumers want to be engaged on a business’ support of social and environmental issues. CITGO’s Fueling Good campaign meets this expectation, along with clearly communicating how much is being donated, to whom and how long the campaign runs.

Not to mention it’s nice that the website has a counter of the miles donated, knowing exactly what the dollar amount translates to!

Program Outcome
For the summer campaign— 545,086 miles have been donated thus far. Community Health Awareness Group, Pandora, Inc., World Relief Chicago, Onslow Community Outreach Soup Kitchen, and many more were the charities rewarded gas cards. Fueling Good campaign successfully achieved their goal in engaging community residents to vote and help make a difference in their local charities.

Their fall campaign kicks off September 29, 2011, so be sure to vote and spread the word to nonprofits! To learn more about CITGO Fueling Good campaign visit http://www.fuelinggood.com.

Check back next week and join our conversation as the ‘pink’ cause marketing season kicks off for breast cancer awareness!

Your CM aficionados,
Amy and Kassie


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