YourCause Announces New Navigation for and CSRconnect

Four months, 50 mockups, and hundreds of coffee cups later, we proudly announce YourCause’s upgraded website navigation. It is safe to say that we ventured to get the navigation system as close to perfection as we could go, without straying too far from our original site design. The new dual top and side navigation, which will affect and all corporate communities currently under the CSRconnect platform has been a major priority and an important element to establishing an easier, effective and more appealing user experience. Here are a few elements you will find to be different:

  • From the data we gathered, users were getting confused between the tabs and “their” homepage and “community” homepage. So, we modified the navigation to make it easier for users to find what they are looking for.
  • We created an easier access to features in the site by adding drop-down style menus that open automatically and show sub-menu items, without clicking required!
  • We also enhanced the navigation on the left hand side of each page to navigate our functionality better and put focus on the things that truly deserve attention.



We’re excited to share the next generation of our platform for it was difficult, challenging, and pretty emotional but worth creating the best user experience. Getting users to where they want to be, faster, and in a more enjoyable manner is what our goal is and this new navigation helps us achieve that. If you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to reach us at!

– Kassie Hernandez


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