How do you spare your free time on the web? Check out

Here’s a site that not only entertains you, but also gives you the satisfaction of helping hungry people in need.  I came across an article describing what others should do on their break or free time that isn’t a total waste.  One of those suggestions was an internet game called  Freerice is a non-profit website organized by the United Nations World Food Programme to provide education to everyone as well as distribute rice to hungry people all for free in order to end world hunger. 

How do you play? It’s simple.  Freerice provides different subjects and levels to play, a question will pop up and if answered correctly you will get a harder question, if you get it wrong you get an easier question.  For every correct answer, 10 grains of rice are donated to United World Food Progamme.  So far, thousands of players have fed millions of people since the game launched in October 2007 and 91 billion grains have been donated. 

If we all do a little we can achieve a lot! To begin playing click here and help end world hunger. 

-Kassie Hernandez


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