East Africa Needs Your Help

Photograph: Mustafa Abdi/AFP/Getty Images

In the past recent months East Africa has been facing the worst dry spell since 1950 and is gradually getting worse. Individuals in Kenya, Somalia, Ethiopia, and Djibouti are facing starvation, malnutrition, and unsanitary waters (two regions in Somalia and parts in Kenya have declared famine). The impact of the drought has sharply escalated food prices and loss of stock. So far, 11 million people are facing a hunger crisis with 385,000 children moderately and severely malnourished and 90,000 pregnant mothers facing malnutrition.

The U.N. officials have reported $1 billion is required for immediate needs, with organizations donating more than $200 million as of today, East Africa is still in dire need of $800 million. Many organizations UNICEF, Save the Children, World Vision, Oxfam America, Mercy Corps, United Nations Food Programme, etc. are just a few who have responded in aid for the East Africa crisis by providing sanitation services, life-saving water, food, donations and other assistance.

We can all do our part in responding to the urgent food crisis. Please donate now on YourCause.com to help emergency relief aid in East Africa.

Here’s How Your Donation Could Help:

  • $7 can feed a child (UNHCR)
  • $50 will provide 200 people a day supply of clean water (Oxfam)
  • $100 will feed a family of 6 for 2 weeks (Oxfam)

– Kassie Hernandez


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