30 Days Of Good (Going Vegetarian)

It’s almost over! For the month of June, I pledged to accept GOOD Magazine’s challenge to go vegetarian. The 30 Days of GOOD Challenge began June 1 and it was an effort for individuals to eat less meat, become vegetarian and/or vegan (if you were a vegetarian already) for 30 days. Their hope was to inspire individuals to think differently about their dietary choices and the earth.

Now, this was not a reason for me to lose weight or try a new diet, but simply a matter of willpower if I can actually hold out on eating turkey sandwiches and chicken alfredo pizza (which are both my favorite meals to eat).

Have I accomplished so far? Well, now that there are only six more days left, I am proud to say I have not eaten any type of meat in the past 24 days. Before accepting the challenge, I figured this would be simple, no meat… I can do it. But after a week and a half of seeing friends and coworkers eating pepperoni pizza, pho, beef tacos etc., I realized how much I wanted just one bite of their meals.

Basically, the old adage quote, “It’s easier said than done,” is how I would describe the challenge for me. However, I would encourage individuals to try and become vegetarian. The only thing running through my mind when wanting to give in to a bite of a juicy hamburger is the amount of good I was doing for animals and our planet.

Good Magazine is not the only organization trying to encourage individuals to do some good for our environment; PETA has also created challenges similar to GOOD asking individuals to become vegan for 30 days. PETA reported skipping one meal of chicken and substituting vegetarian foods instead, the carbon dioxide savings would be the same as taking more than half a million cars off U.S. roads. Also, multiple doctors have stated eating fewer animal products is simply better for your health and earth.

Overall, this has been a wholesome experience and I have grown to appreciate organic much more. For all the looks I’ve received from friends by becoming vegetarian and their attempts to make me eat meat… I did it! I accomplished something that benefited me, animals and the environment. I still have six more days of 30 Days of GOOD, but I figured these days wouldn’t be as bad as I start brainstorming what should be my next do good challenge for the month of July?

-Kassie Hernandez


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